Tried Chef Kunal Kapur’s Aam Panna Recipe Yet?
Image Credit: Pixabay, Refresh and energise because aam panna is here!

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to stay hydrated during summers. The heat wave-like conditions that are approaching us make it even more essential to take care of our health. Sun strokes, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and weakness are common signs of dehydration. Stocking up on the fruity and sugary drinks that come packed in processed cans isn’t the solution but just a temporary relief. The hot and humid weather calls for something light, easy and breezy. 

Along with summer coolers, another thing that reminds us of summers are mangoes. The juicy and sweet fruit comes in various types and is used for a variety of purposes. From aamras to mango shakes and juices, the king of fruits really dons the crown in this season. What if we pack the two together? That makes aam panna, a refreshing summer drink that you must try if you haven’t already. A cooling beverage that makes the best use of the tartness and sweetness of mangoes as well as keeps you refreshed in summers, aam panna definitely makes it easier to beat the heat. 

To rejuvenate in this sticky weather, drinks like aam panna, jaljeera, squash, nimbu paani and the like really help to keep the temperature of your body at regulated levels while preventing you from feeling drowsy and sloppy. 

Chef Kunal Kapur is making our lives easier this summer. Earlier, he had shared some delicious jaljeera versions which we absolutely loved and now, we are head on to try his aam panna recipe too. For making aam panna, he begins by peeling some raw mangoes and slicing them in a pan. To prepare the thick syrup, the mangoes are dunked in a pan full of water with sugar, spices like roasted cumin powder, black salt and chilly powder. The boiled syrup is then kept aside to cool down. The mango slices are taken out from it and scraped to put the pulp back into the syrup. 

Finally, it is blended together with some mint leaves for a refreshing taste. The thick syrup is poured into the serving glass with a few pops of ice cubes. Water is poured from the top and the drink is chilled in the refrigerator. 

Tempted enough to try? Here is a quick recipe shared by Chef Kunal Kapur on his Instagram handle. 

Source: Chef Kunal Kapur/Instagram