Drink Water Sitting Down: Here Are 5 Reasons Why
Image Credit: Unsplash

Prevent Indigestion

Drinking water while standing can has the capacity to create issues with digestion because standing while drinking water, makes the liquid pass with great force and speed through the food canal, falling on the lower stomach directly. Along with this, the nerves in our system can get tensed while drinking water rapidly, disrupting the balance of fluids, causing an increase in toxins and indigestion.

Reduce Arthritic Effects

When you drink water rapidly in a standing position, the level of toxins in the body increase. Moreover, it also accumulates fluids in the joints, triggering arthritis. Sipping on water sitting down, prevents the possibility of arthritis as well as reduces joint pains.

Improves Lung Health

The required nutrients and vitamins fail to reach the liver and digestive tract when one consumes water standing up. When one stands and drinks water, it travels puts the lungs at risk, and hinders heart function, disturbing oxygen levels.

Avoid Kidney Problems

When one drinks water sitting down, the kidneys are able to pass fluid efficiently through a filtration system, lowering the pressure on the stomach. This stops the water impurities from settling in the bladder, and reduces damage to the functioning of the kidneys. This also enables the kidney to soothe urinary tract infections and maintain a healthy urinary system.

Rejuvenates Electrolytes

When you sit down to drink water, the body stands to gain electrolytes and essential minerals, instead of losing them – a phenomenon that occurs when you consume water standing up. The loss of electrolytes causes fatigue, making individuals feel tired and weary easily. Drinking water sitting down hydrates the body and provides oxygen to all parts of the body, along with essential minerals.