Dosa To Upma: 5 Incredibly Healthy Jowar Dishes You Must Try
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One of the best healthy grains in the world right now is jowar. It is renowned for its ability to be gluten-free and other health advantages. Due to jowar's incredible health benefits, individuals are now integrating it into their diets. The soft, antioxidant-rich jowar rotis are produced in urban areas of India. Additionally, it has a high protein content and can be ingested by someone trying to reduce weight. In some areas of India, it is also referred to as "sorghum." It has a white look that resembles cream, and it readily absorbs flavours from meals. You can probably use this ingredient to make any dish; if you want to know some of them, check out the list below.

Jowar Upma:

Sorghum pearls are used to make the Vegetable Jowar Upma Recipe. They are stir-fried with seasonal vegetables and spiced with garlic, pepper, and vegetable stock. One of the top cereal crops in the world, jowar provides a source of iron, fibre, and protein. This Jowar Vegetable Upma is a fantastic option for gluten-free diets because jowar also has excellent antioxidant properties and is gluten-free.

Jowar Dosa:

Do you enjoy a good South Indian dosa? Consider trying this delicious variation: a lacy, crispy Jowar Dosa. It is amazingly nutritious and simple to prepare. Whether you consume dosas on a regular basis or not, after trying this dish, you will want to. The dosas are extremely crispy and have a lovely, nutty flavour thanks to the sorghum. 

Jowar Pancakes:

These mouthwatering, savoury pancakes made with jowar or sorghum flour and a range of seasonal veggies are terrific options for a quick and healthy breakfast. They resemble vegan omelettes but instead of eggs, use a flour mixture! Sorghum flour is a far healthier and gluten-free option than wheat flour.  

You can increase the amount of protein, fibre, B vitamins, and iron in your dishes by substituting even a small amount of ordinary flour with sorghum flour.

Jowar And Tomato Cheela:

Jowar and tomato cheela is a straightforward, diabetic-friendly recipe that can be placed into children's lunch boxes or presented to them as an after-school snack. It is also a healthy breakfast option.

Using a blend of jowar, maize, whole wheat flour, tomatoes, and basic spices, jowar and tomato cheela is a delicious and healthy version of regular cheela. 

For a straightforward weekday breakfast, serve jowar and tomato cheela along with green chutney and adrak chai. 

Jowar Porridge:

Try this tasty and healthy breakfast that uses mixed vegetables and the benefits of jowar. A substantial and delicious breakfast choice that is comforting. For a complete meal, serve with tea or a bowl of fruit on the side.

Millets are beneficial to our health overall, therefore including them in our diet is a good idea. This porridge is quite satisfying because it contains vegetables.