Dosa-Like Dish On BTS Singer Jin’s Plate Confuses The Internet
Image Credit: Jin/Instagram, Fans speculate BTS member's dish to be dosa.

It gets really exciting when someone from a foreign land tries Indian cuisine. Although intermingling of cultures and culinary styles is quite common these days, the fans of Korean band BTS were quite fascinated when they spotted one of the members holding a plate of food. There was widespread discourse over whether or not the dish on the plate resembled a Masala Dosa. The BTS member, Jin, is currently vacationing in South Korea’s Jeju Islands. He has been sharing several pictures from his holiday on social media. The gorgeous beaches of Jeju are definitely the talk of the town but after Jin posted a picture of himself with food recently, the discussion has moved to another tangent. 

Jin was seen at a restaurant in the Islands and it was a long, thin and flat dish kept on a large plate. The dish had thin edges and was elongated on the ends too. As soon as Jin posted this picture on Instagram, there was uproar in the BTS army in India. The craze and fandom for these talented young boys is increasing at a rapid pace across India and several other Asian countries. The Korean cuisine has also gained prominence these days with several Korean restaurants serving dishes like kimbap, bibimbap and kimchi in India. 

Source: Jin/Instagram

Several speculations were made by people in the comments section. Most recurring of them were references to Masala Dosa. The crispy pancake from South India is usually stuffed with spicy potato and enjoyed with sambar and coconut chutney. It is usually cylindrical in shape, although there are cone-shaped dosas too. Going by the shape and length of the food on his plate, a lot of people thought that Jin was having a Dosa. However, a few others questioned the availability of a Masala Dosa on Jeju Islands. 

Source: Jin/Instagram

These apprehensions were drawn from the fact that earlier too, some BTS members were seen enjoying naan and paneer. That could be a reason why a lot of people jumped to this conclusion. Nonetheless, it was ‘the army’ in India that revealed that the dish on the plate was actually a type of fish popular among Koreans, called Galchi. This hairtail fish is a delicacy in Korean cuisine, which was confused with a Dosa.