Doodh Paak: A Nutritious And Delightful Milk Beverage
Image Credit: Doodh Pak

Pondering what to serve guests during Navratri to satiate hunger pangs, which is tasty and healthy too? Then serve this milk-based dessert, Doodh Pak, which incorporates the goodness of three types of milk in just one dish. Because it is filling, brimming with nutrition it is considered as a necessary dessert which is prepared during Navratri or fasting days. For milk is a source of countless bundles of joy which strengthens the immune system and provides energy to the bones and body. 

In this Doodh Pak recipe, milk is simmered on a low flame for a long time with sugar, moong dal, condensed milk and coconut milk. With so many rich and creamy ingredients the dessert turns out to be a luxurious and luscious one-pot treat. Edible camphor is combined as a final touch which imbibes an aromatic scent along with distinct flavour. Unlike the traditional recipe it is made without rice and nuts, just to indulge in the smooth, creamy  and delicious milk, which is extremely flavourful and thick.

Originating in Gujarat, this milk-based sweet dish, Doodh Pak is a festive treat. In Gujarati and Hindi, ‘doodh’ means milk and ‘pak’ translates to a sweet meal. It is traditionally made with milk, rice, sugar, and nuts. Parsis also prepare this royal milk drink. Doodh Pak is commonly served during Diwali, particularly on Kali Chaudas Day (Naraka Chaturdasi). This is presented to our ancestors in remembrance of them since it is considered that we should not ignore the departed spirits during the Diwali celebration. 

It is also widely sipped on Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj. This traditional creamy dessert from India is frequently eaten with warm puris (fried puff pastry) or pakora (crispy fried snacks) on the side. The decadent dish is often confused with kheer or basundi. Apart from being delicious, it is healthy as well.

Here’s the recipe for Doodh Paak.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour

Servings: 4


    300 ml milk

    1 cup moong dal (boiled)

    2 tbsp sugar

    1 tbsp sweet condensed milk

    200 ml coconut milk

    A pinch of edible camphor

    A few strands of saffron


    In a large non-stick vessel filled with full cream milk, add boiled moong dal, sugar, condensed milk, and coconut milk. Combine thoroughly.

    Now, turn on the heat and put the vessel over the flame. Keep stirring the milk twice in between with a ladle over high flame for 5-6 minutes.

    Now, reduce to the heat to slow and cook approximately for 15 minutes, while stirring and scraping the sides of the vessels occasionally. 

    Gradually, bring the milk to a boil. Keep cooking and stirring.

    Add a pinch of crushed camphor and mix well. Cook for 5 more minutes and turn off the flame.

    Cool slightly and pour in a glass.

    Garnish with saffron strings.

    Serve hot or chilled. 

For garnishing: 

    Almond and pistachio slivers.

    You can even add saffron-steeped milk to enrich the dessert.