Don’t Underestimate The Power Of These Fruity Halwas
Image Credit: Mango Halwa

No matter what happy occasion it is, halwas just fits the right. While suji ka halwa is an absolute comfort dish for some, some people just can’t do without their favourite gajar ka halwa in the winters. You decide which category you fall in. Halwas are the most special and soothing dessert one can make at home without any hassle and fancy ingredients.  

Since halwas have a special fanbase, let us talk about the varieties that hardly a few people know about. We are talking about fruit halwas. Yes, you read that right. Apart from suji or besan or gajar or aloo, you can make halwas out of fruits too. And the best part is, if you don’t like fruits, here’s your chance to love them. From pineapple halwa to apple halwa, these halwas are easy, simple, soothing and delicious. Let us take you through some of the tasty fruity halwas you didn’t know existed. 

Pineapple Halwa 

Wait, what? Pineapple Halwa? Yes, you read that right, this halwa does exist. This exotic and delicious halwa has pineapple juice, crushed pineapple, cottage cheese, sugar, saffron and ghee. This halwa qualifies to be among the tastiest and healthiest desserts you can ever have. Don’t forget to try this halwa. 

Banana Halwa 

Banana is always considered a perfect ingredient for making desserts, but could you ever thought that this fruit can be transformed into a halwa too? Well, if not, here’s the reality check. All you need is some bananas, sugar, ghee and some cardamoms. It is the simplest halwas you can ever make, and your kids are also going to love this. 

Apple Halwa 

Apple halwa is an easy and delicious concoction of sweet apples, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. It also as cinnamon and vanilla extract for the smooth texture and tempting flavour as well as aroma. This halwa can be a perfectly healthy solution for your untimely hunger pangs. Making it might require some patience and hand work, but believe me, your efforts will be worth it. 

Guava Halwa 

We can’t disagree that guava brings some of our childhood memories back. We loved eating guavas with salt and red chilies but ever tried guava halwa? This halwa is not too sweet and tastes a little earthy. But those who love this halwa, can die for it. Not just this halwa is tasty but power packed with health benefits, thanks to the fruit. 

Mango Halwa 

You may have mango chutney or mango pickle, but it's time to have the lip-smacking mango halwa. Also known as mango sheera, this halwa is so tasty that you just can’t stop yourself from having a spoonful of it. Making it is also very easy, which makes it perfect for impromptu parties. Since the mango season is coming in a few months, don’t forget to make this halwa at home. 

So, let us know which of these halwas have you tried and which of these halwas stole your heart!