Don't Like Eating Apple? Halwa to Pie, 6 Apple Desserts To Try

Apples, the versatile and beloved fruit, find their way into desserts in various cultures across India. From the sweet and fragrant apple halwa to the comforting apple pie, these desserts offer a delightful fusion of flavours. While apple-based treats are a common sight in Western desserts, they also hold a special place in Indian cuisine. Here are five apple desserts from different regions of India that you can easily recreate at home. 

Apple Halwa 

Apple halwa is a cherished dessert made with grated apples, sautéed in ghee until they turn golden and aromatic. Sugar and milk are added, creating a luscious, creamy consistency. Infused with cardamom and garnished with slivered almonds and pistachios, this dessert strikes a perfect balance between the tartness of apples and the sweetness of sugar, making it a delightful treat for all occasions. 

Apple Kheer 

Apple Kheer is a delightful concoction that transforms the humble apple into a royal dessert. This rich and creamy treat marries the natural sweetness and subtle tartness of apples with the decadence of milk, simmered to perfection. Infused with fragrant saffron and garnished with slivered almonds and pistachios, it's a testament to how this simple fruit can elevate a traditional Indian dessert. Apple Kheer is the ideal choice when you have enough apples at home, creating a unique blend of flavours and textures that's both comforting and indulgent. 

Apple Pie 

Apple Pie, a classic from Western desserts, finds a place in Indian kitchens with a unique twist. A flaky, buttery crust cradles a filling of spiced apples, sugar, and cinnamon. The pie is baked to golden perfection, filling your home with the warm aroma of cinnamon. A scoop of vanilla ice cream complements this fusion of flavours. 

Apple Rabri 

Rabri, a creamy and sweet concoction, welcomes apple chunks into its rich embrace. As the milk thickens and reduces, the apples soften and absorb the sweet flavors. Garnish with chopped nuts for added texture and serve chilled for a delightful dessert. 

Apple Custard 

Apple custard combines the rich creaminess of custard with the natural sweetness of apples. It's a delightful dessert that offers the perfect balance of flavours and textures. The apples add a refreshing twist to this classic treat, making it a fantastic choice for a light and fruity dessert. 

Apple Samosa 

Samosas need no introduction, but apple samosas take this beloved snack to the next level. Sweet apple chunks are spiced with cinnamon and wrapped in flaky pastry, creating a dessert that's both crunchy and tender. Serve them warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an unforgettable treat.