Don’t Let Festivity Hamper Your Diet, Plan Your Meal Ahead

The celebrations are in full swing with Diwali just around the corner, and people are shopping for gifts, clothes, home decor, and what not. How can the biggest Indian celebration be celebrated without enough mithai? Since no festival is complete without sweets. And now that you intend to prepare them at home, regular chores unavoidably get disrupted. With all of them, even mealtimes become unplanned, resulting in you ordering delivery or simply having food prepared. A healthy alternative to getting takeaway on the way to shopping or returning home in the evening is to cook your own food at home. Even better, prepare something from home for lunch on days when you're helping to bake treats for the celebration. But after you've had a long day, returning home to prepare can be challenging. Or perhaps you don't know where to start when making a big dinner, but big meals are not necessary, especially if you want to maintain high levels of productivity and low levels of stress. 

Your health and money will benefit if you prepare more meals at home. Even the busiest week can accommodate it with some preparation. Make the most of your time in the kitchen in order to achieve your aim. Beginning with a detailed inventory of your meals for the coming week, Even a basic schedule for each week, such as bhindi on Monday, dal on Thursday, and palak on Friday, would be helpful. Additionally, some individuals, particularly children, enjoy knowing what to expect, which can make preparation simpler. 

Keep It Small and Simple 

It could seem a little overwhelming if you've never made a meal plan or if you're just starting out again after a long break. Making a beneficial change in your life, such as developing a habit of meal planning, is the same. It's a good idea to start modest and gradually gain confidence to make sure your new habit is enduring. Just a few meals or snacks for the coming week should be planned at first. You'll eventually learn which planning techniques are most effective, and then you may gradually expand your strategy by including other meals as you see fit. 

Include All Groups 

The healthiest diet prioritises complete foods such fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, high-quality protein, and healthy fats while reducing sources of refined grains, added sugars, and too much salt. Consider each of these food groups as you look through your favourite recipes. Make it a point to fill in the blanks if any of them are missing. 

Keep The Essentials 

An excellent method to speed up meal preparation and make creating menus easier is to keep a foundation stock of pantry essentials. When you stock up on some of these fundamental necessities, you only need to worry about buying fresh things when you go grocery shopping once a week. This can help you feel less stressed and make meal planning more effective. 

Reduce Waste 

Take stock of what you already have on hand before sitting down to prepare your meals. Look through your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator as well as the rest of your food storage spaces and make a list of any particular things you wish to use up or that you need to. By doing this, you may use up the food you currently have, cut down on waste, and avoid making unnecessary purchases of the same products. 

Food Storage 

One of the most important tools for meal preparation is food storage.Meal preparation may be particularly difficult if you're currently dealing with a pantry full of mismatched containers with missing lids. Putting money and time into premium containers is a wise decision. Think about the intended usage of each container before making a purchase. Make sure you select containers that are safe for freezing, microwaving, or cleaning if you plan to perform any of these things. Glass containers are microwave-safe and environmentally friendly. They are widely accessible both offline and online. Additionally, having a range of sizes for various food types is useful. 

With good planning, you can enjoy both parts, festivity and following a healthy diet. Have a Happy Diwali and Stay Healthy!