Don’t Have Tea Bags, Use These Simple Methods To Brew Tea

Making tea is a relaxing therapeutic activity. Not to mention all the nutrients your body is taking in at the same time, it has a relaxing impact on the mind. But sometimes you choose the incorrect tea. Or you're in the process of switching to only brewing loose-leaf tea. Maybe the teabag broke! Whatever the reason, you suddenly find yourself in need of making tea but lack tea bags or a tea infuser. So, how do you prepare tea without using tea bags? The secret is to locate a device that resembles an infuser or strainer! The most effective device is a tiny sieve, conical strainer, or even a fork. If necessary, you may even use cheesecloth or a cocktail shaker. Additionally, if you're in a dire situation, you can create a temporary Gaiwan (traditional tea-making vessel). 

Tea bag vs Tea leaf 

It has long been customary to prepare and consume loose-leaf tea. But formerly, the only kind of tea you could purchase in nations where tea consumption isn't as prevalent was packaged in tea bags. Fortunately, finding loose-leaf tea in a wide variety is become much simpler today! Compared to tea found in ready-to-use tea bags, this sort is typically more fresher, has far more nutrients, and tastes better. Not to add that brewing and drinking tea this way is considerably more environmentally beneficial than using prepared tea bags because you aren't using any single-use materials. A single-use bag, string, tag, or other types of individual packaging is not necessary for loose-leaf tea. Additionally, these teas are frequently provided in environmentally friendly packaging. Consequently, we can safely say that we love loose-leaf tea a lot! It's a nice, calming ritual that you can perform in order to modify the flavour and quality of your steeping tea. 

How Tea Bag Functions 

Sadly, we are unable to say "go with single-use tea bags!" as much as we would like to. The leaves are kept together in these bags, serving a vital purpose in preventing the spread of the leaves. Nothing is worse than inhaling entire tea leaves. It's just a pain, like drinking nice gin and tonics with whole peppercorns. In addition to keeping the leaves together, it also facilitates brewing, particularly if the bag contains a thread and tag. Making tea is simple and effortless when using tea bags because no extra tools or equipment are required. Additionally, it takes a lot less time because there is no preparation or cleaning involved. 

Choose the best method 

You can make tea using a variety of techniques other than utilising single-use tea bags. You can create loose-leaf tea or tea made from ripped tea bags in all of these methods! But which approach is the best? In all honesty, it depends on what you already have. Using a certain strainer is probably the most adaptable method you can do. There will be a choice on the list for everyone. It isn't the most efficient method for brewing tea devoid of a tea bag, either. We would then choose a reusable tea bag alternative, such as a ball infuser. Even better is a teapot with a built-in leaf strainer or tea infuser. However, you must purchase them, and they are not widely available (mostly at tea supply stores). Another obvious possibility is a tea infuser, but if you don't have one or need one quickly, this option is useless. Therefore, what you now have in your home will work the best in the end. We'll talk about options for you to choose from because of this. 


A little fine-mesh strainer would be the simplest to use for preparing tea. Preferably, it should fit into your mug. In a mixing dish, combine the boiling water and your loose-leaf tea. Leave it for the advised period of time. Position the strainer so that it is above the bowl or cup you plan to pour the liquid into. Ensure that the other container is entirely clean. If at all possible, try to avoid using plastic. Pour the tea into the other mug while doing so slowly and gently. Make sure the leaves don't flow over the sides. Try again if you didn't get all the leaves in the initial pour. 



Utilizing a variety of liquids to strain is another highly effective technique. All of the tea leaves and leaf fragments will be caught thanks to its incredible effectiveness! A number of cheesecloth arrangements are available. You can purchase a prepared cloth strainer with a handle that is very simple to use and that you can just lay over your jug or other container. 

Cocktail Shaker 

If you have a cocktail shaker, this method works great. Quite a few of them include an attachable strainer. You can also purchase a strainer separately. There are finer ones that assist strain spices and herbs, but these shakers are frequently used to remove ice. The cocktail shaker can be left with the tea steeping within. It's important to remember that some metal shakers may alter the flavour of your tea as it steeps. It's as simple as that to drain the tea into your mug or tea cup after it has brewed.