Don't Have Hing? These 5 Ingredients Will Do The Trick
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With just a touch, certain ingredients have the amazing power to elevate an ordinary dish into something special. Asafoetida, often known as hing, is one such culinary treasure. Its distinctive flavour and strong perfume have made it a beloved ingredient in innumerable recipes, especially in Indian cuisine. Sambhar, khichdi, or pongal seem incomplete without this pungent spice.

However, at times when the hing jar is empty and the thought of a "Hing emergency" may initially make you nervous, it's important to keep in mind that there may be several inventive alternatives in the kitchen that can save your dish without sacrificing flavour. In order to ensure that your culinary creations continue to delight the tongue, this article dives into the topic of Hing shortages and offers five outstanding alternatives that can fill in when hing is hard to come by.

The Following Are The Hing Substitutes You Can Try:

Cumin And Coriander

A good choice is to combine the powders of coriander and cumin. Both spices have strong flavours that closely resemble hing. The taste might not be exactly the same, but it won't be obvious that hing is missing. According to the recipe, adjust the amount.

Garlic Powder

A versatile replacement that can give your recipes a comparable savoury flavour is garlic powder. It has a somewhat spicy and aromatic flavour because it is created from dried and powdered garlic cloves. Although it might not quite duplicate Hing's distinctive aroma, it can nonetheless give your recipes depth and richness. Because garlic's flavour can be potent, use it sparingly. A slight sweetness that Hing lacks may be added by the garlic powder.


Chives are a delicate herb with a flavour that is somewhat akin to that of onions. Although they are not as strong as Hing, they can give your food a subtle fragrance. Salads, soups, and sauces benefit from the pleasant onion-like flavour that chives offer. Due to their mild character, you might need to use more than Hing to get a comparable effect on the overall flavour.

Onion Powder

Onion powder is made from dried and crushed onion bulbs, much like garlic powder. It provides an intense onion flavour that can add to the complexity of your recipes. Onion powder, like chives, doesn't have Hing's strong, unique perfume, but it can nonetheless enhance the savoury flavours in your recipes. Because the strength of onion powder can vary, use caution when measuring the amount.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds with garlic have a distinct scent and a flavour that is somewhat liquorice-like. Fennel seeds can provide a unique and intriguing depth to your recipes, but they won't quite replicate Hing's flavour. They function best in meals that benefit from a hint of sweetness and herbal undertones. To use them, simply grind the seeds.