Try These 5 Hacks To Give Potatoes A Makeover
Image Credit: Try these potato recipes and never have them the old boring way!

Potatoes are like comfort food for me. They are such a versatile ingredient that they get along really well with any vegetable as a main course, a great side dish or even an appetizer. However, most recipes that we know of either involve frying with lots of oil or covering the carbs in heavy cream and mayo. So, if you’re on a diet, potatoes become a no no. But not anymore. 

We have five easy potato recipes that can satisfy your taste buds in a new way. 

1. Mashed Potatoes  

Take some boiled potatoes. Mash them really well. Now they are bland. So, skip the cream and combine them with some Greek yoghurt, garlic, salt and pepper and any other seasoning you like. This works as a great side dish as well as a filling for burgers or sandwiches.  

2. Potato Skin Toasties  

Did you know that the skin of the potato contains Vitamin C and fibre, much more nutritious than the pulp? So, make use of that by scooping out most of the pulp and stuffing it with herbs, veggies, salt and pepper. Bake it in oven with minimum olive oil and it’s an awesome side dish.  

3. French Fries  

Ditch the deep-fried potato French fries like Mc donalds. If you are craving them, slice the potatoes very thin and roast them in the oven with a drizzle of salt, oregano and some chilli flakes for flavour. They will work as tasty, thin and light snacks for the evenings.  

4. Potato Soup Bowl  

Replace the cream and cheese with some chicken stock, vegetables mixture and a tad bit cornstarch. Boil the veggies, onions, celery etc. Mix with the vegetable mixture, chicken broth and serve hot with salt and pepper.  

5. Potato Nature Salad  

This is a simple salad with chopped boiled potatoes, onions, capsicums, salt, pepper and some boiled eggs if you like. Add any other seasoning you want and sprinkle some olive oil for a moist taste. Healthy and filling potato salad is ready.