Does Upma Help With Weight Loss? Here's What Science Says
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Get ready for a delicious journey through the flavours of South India with upma! This comforting dish has humble beginnings in Southern Indian kitchens and has now become a beloved staple across the country.  This satisfying dish can support your weight loss goals when prepared thoughtfully. Upma offers a nutritious base to build upon.  

It's the perfect way to start your day while trying to lose weight. Let it transport your tastebuds on a journey through the diverse and delicious flavours of India!   

How are Upma And Weight Loss Connected 

Upma is good for you! Upma gives you strong blood from iron. It helps lose weight too. Upma is made with semolina, veggies, and spices. As per the National Library of Medicine, semolina has lots of protein and fibre. This makes you feel full after eating upma. The fibre keeps your digestion working right. No constipation is good. Upma makes your belly happy. If you want to lose weight, try upma for breakfast! It's yummy, healthy, and filling.  

1. Rava Upma (Sooji Ka Upma)  

Rava upma is made from sooji or semolina. This is a type of coarse wheat flour. It's healthier than refined wheat flour. Eating sooji upma has many benefits like iron which prevents iron deficiency, magnesium which helps to control blood pressure, folate which is needed to make DNA and RNA. It also helps with amino acid metabolism. It also has proteins, and proteins help lose weight. The semolina in it gives you lots of healthy minerals and nutrients.  

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2. Ragi Upma 

Ragi is also called finger millet. If you have diabetes, use ragi instead of some of the suji. Ragi has no gluten so it's great if you can't eat gluten. Ragi upma has lots of fibre to help you feel full. It has iron to give you energy. It has calcium to make your bones strong (more calcium than milk!).  

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3. Oats Upma  

Oats upma is a tasty and easy breakfast. Oats give lots of protein. They have soluble fibre to keep your tummy happy. Oats are low in fat and have vitamin B to give you energy. They also have minerals like thiamine and manganese. Oats give you steady energy all morning. Oats upma helps you get fit and strong in an easy and yummy way!  

4. Quinoa Upma  

Quinoa is gluten-free and packed with good stuff for your body.  It has lots of protein to help your muscles grow strong, it gives you energy from healthy carbs, it has magnesium to keep your bones and heart happy, and it has omega 3 and omega 6 fats that are great for your brain. As per the National Library of Medicine, protein and fibre can help you lose weight. So, try this tasty quinoa upma for breakfast! It's easy to make and good for your body. You'll feel great after eating it!  

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5. Rajgira (Amaranth Upma)  

Rajgira is like quinoa. They are both special grains. Rajgira has no gluten. It is good for you! It has lots of vitamins and minerals. Many people eat rajgira upma during fasting times. Rajgira has more protein than other grains. It gives you calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, it has fibre for weight loss. It has less sugar. Rajgira also has iron and antioxidants. Rajgira upma is an easy, healthy meal!

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Nutritional Value Of Upma  

Each mouthwatering 100 g serving of Upma packs a nutritious punch! With 177 calories, 31g of energizing carbs, 4g of muscle-building protein, 4g of satisfying fat, and 2g of digestion-aiding fibre, this Indian breakfast staple provides a hearty yet healthy start to your day. As per the National Library of Medicine, it contains iron and calcium to nourish your body from the inside out. So, delight your tastebuds and nourish yourself with a steaming bowl of delicious Upma! 


Rava upma is one of the healthiest and tastiest breakfast foods around. It's low in calories but high in flavour. Plus, it gives you energy to start your day.  

To make this yummy dish, first lightly roast some rava in a pan without oil. This adds nuttiness. Then in another pan, sauté onions, tomatoes, carrots and capsicum with spices like cumin, mustard seeds, and methi. Let the veggies get nice and soft. Add the rava and cook everything together for 2 minutes with a little water. Season with salt and squeeze over some lemon juice. Top with cilantro. Enjoy this easy, hearty breakfast! The combo of veggies, spices and rava is so satisfying. And it's all made in one pan for fast morning cooking. Give it a try!