Do You Know What’s Maanvi Gagroo’s Cure For A Blocked Nose? 3 Chicken Soups To Soothe Your Soul
Image Credit: Screengrab of Instagram stories, Some delicious chicken soup recipes inside.

You must have seen the new-age actor, Maanvi Gagroo in plenty of web shows and series. Her character, Sidhi Patel from the show Four More Shots Please, became quite popular for its bold and confident personality. Her stints in various other shows like TVF Tripling have shown her in various lights as an actor. The Kashmiri origin actor has been known for her tweets about the lip-smacking Kashmiri fare and lesser-known dishes from the cuisine. However, this time, she’s suffering from a blocked nose, possibly due to weather change, and decided to share her comfort meal with us. 

Maanvi Gagroo recently took to her Instagram stories to share a collage of her meal, which looked like chicken soup. She captioned the picture with the hashtag, #chickensoupforthenoseblockedsoul. In lieu of asking her fans, she suggests, “Tell me you’re sick without telling you’re sick”. This witty one-liner caption was quite a treat to read but what caught our attention was her comfort food. Here, take a look.

Source: Maanvi Gagroo/Instagram Stories 

Get all your basil leaves, galangal, lemon grass and kaffir lime stocked up in the fridge because it is time for Thai chicken soup. The creamy and thick texture of the soup is due to the use of coconut milk while the beautiful colour comes from all the delicious ingredients that go into its making.