Do You Also Love Pav? These Pav Avtaars Might Be The Reason
Image Credit: Image: Chicken Keema Pav

Whenever you think of Maharashtrian street food, what comes to your mind? I know what you are thinking, it is vada pav, isn’t it? For everyone especially the Mumbaikars, pav is everything. These buns have evolved into so many versions and has made us fall in love with it. Here are some reasons why we absolutely love pav!! Have a look:

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is an Indian fast food that has spicy vegetable gravy served with pav bread. It comes as a complete meal. This complete meal originated in Mumbai and was a go-to snack for textile workers. Pav Bhaji is an iconic street food that we all absolutely love!

Missal Pav

Yet another famous Maharashtrian recipe, Misal is a perfect blend of savouries and masala. It has wholesome tasty sprouts cooked with tangy tomato gravy, spices, and special coconut-onion missal masala. Served with pav, this makes a perfect complete meal.

Keema Pav

Another popular Mumbai street food, chicken keema or mutton keema is mixed with Indian spices and served with buttery pavs. These taste even more delicious when meat is cooked on a slow flame. Accompanied with chopped onions, keema pav could be everything you were looking for. 

Omlette Pav

If you cannot just do without omlette, try this omlette pav. Yet another classic street food of Mumbai, this has buttery pavs with scrumptious omlette in it. One can keep it simple and even make it masaledar by adding good Indian spices and herbs.

                                      Image credits: Youtube

Vada Pav

How can we miss vada pav!! This is a classic meal on which the entire Mumbai is surviving. These buns are stuffed with masaledar potato fritters and classic peanut chutney. Vada pav is so simple yet delicious. You just need a vada pav and a cutting chai to get away from all your sorrows.


Said to have originated in Gujarat’s Kutch, these bread buns have a spicy, tangy, and sweet potato filling drizzled with sev, chutneys, and pomegranate seeds. It could be a perfect snack for parties and of course, it is much-loved street food. 

So, what do you say? Aren’t these the reasons behind your love for pav? See, we knew it!! Let us know if there is any other pav dish that needs to be on the list!!