Diwali 2023: 7 Quick And Easy Starters For Kids To Enjoy

The festive season means that throwing and attending a slew of parties will also have children of all ages, along with adults. While menu-planning or bringing food to a potluck party during Diwali, ensures that these young guests enjoy a meal, to feel included in the celebrations. Since kids have different taste preferences, they might not always appreciate the same foods and flavours as adults. What might appeal to their tastes can in fact, help elevate their experience and interest of being at a party significantly.

For the picky eaters that most kids are, chances that that they might make unhealthy choices, be hesitant to try unfamiliar or adult-oriented dishes. Moreover, some children may have food allergies or dietary restrictions that limit their scope to try new foods even more. When planning a party, offering a variety of kid-friendly options can simplify meal planning and create a feeling of inclusivity in a way that there's something for everyone. Colourful, creative recipes that can appeal visually and flavour wise, encourages them to take interest in what they’re eating and enjoy their meal better. Not only does this foster positive social experiences, as a consequence of which allows parents to enjoy the party, while knowing their children are well-fed.                    

Sweet Potato-Peas Tikki

Mashing together boiled sweet potatoes and fresh green peas, before mixing it with sauteed onions and spices are a great way to incorporate winter vegetables into your Diwali menu. As potatoes are a universal kiddie favourite, the fibre-rich sweet potatoes offer up a healthy alternative to empty carbohydrates that most potato-based dishes provide.

Multigrain Coin Pizza

Use a cookie cutter to cut out circles of multigrain bread or simply use thin discs of homemade multigrain dough to make delicious, veggie-topped pizzas that are manageable for children to hold while eating. Use a combination of colourful bell peppers, paneer or chicken and top up with cheese for a snack that appeals to children in more ways than one.

Kuttu Aata Pancake Bites

Hosting children that suffer from a gluten-allergy? Make these bite-sized pancakes using a batter made with buckwheat flour. Mash in a banana or two or add fresh berries, kiwi or apples to the batter for added nutrition and taste. Serve with a tiny container of maple syrup or honey that children can use for dipping or drizzling their pancake bites to their taste.

Sabudana Potato Waffles

Image Credits: Tamalapaku

Whoever thought sabudana was only fit to use as a core ingredient for vadas or khichdi, clearly missed the memo on these delightfully crisp and savoury waffles. Mash together cooked sabudana, potatoes, peanuts, green chillies and cumin and stick into a waffle maker for chewy and crunchy waffles that can be served with a dollop of chutney or ketchup.

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Soya Chaap Roll

The protein-loaded soya chaap has an interesting chewy texture which children would particularly enjoy when made into a wrap or roll. Marinate the soya chaap in a preferred homemade masala of your choice and grill in a pan or in an oven, before you blanket it with a freshly made roti or store-bought wraps. Add some cheese, julienned vegetables and mayonnaise for an extra dose of texture and flavour.

Pink (Beetroot) Yoghurt Dip

A bright pink dip is good enough to pique the curiosity of children to whom food is synonymous with colour. Simply blend boiled or roasted beets with a healthy serving of Greek yoghurt, garlic and herbs for a dip that is perfect to use in wraps, eat with chips or vegetable sticks. This visually-appealing dip also doubles up as a recipe for adults who are looking for a healthy snacking option -  taking care of both age groups seamlessly.

Air Fried Shalgam Chips

Make the most of root vegetable season in India by air-frying paper-thin slices of turnip in batches to make crispy chips that are a much healthier choice than potato chips. Along with being the perfect snack accompaniment for adults who enjoy a cocktail or two, these turnip chips are sure to be a hit with the kids who won’t be able to tell the difference between a regular chip and its healthier alternative.