Ditch The Usual Dal Chawal And Try These Asian Gravies For Dinner
Image Credit: Amp up your dinner with these Asian curries/ pixabay.com

Asian cuisine includes several regional cuisines like Central Asian, East Asian, North Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and West Asian. Rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chiles, dried onions, soy, and tofu are some common ingredients in many cultures in the East and Southeast areas of the continent. Stir-frying, steaming, and deep frying are a few methods that are commonly used to prepare Asian cuisine. While rice is found in almost all Asian cuisines, different types of rice are popular in different parts of the country. Laos' culture, religious tradition, and national identity are all based on glutinous rice. Basmati rice is popular in India, jasmine rice is popular in Southeast Asia, long-grain rice is popular in China, and short-grain rice is popular in Japan and Korea. In India, people usually prefer rice at dinner. They are usually served with some dal or some vegetable curry. Asian curries are a perfect blend of veggies, meat and broth that give an authentic regional flavour.

Here are some Asian gravies that you can have with rice for dinner-

Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce

Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce is a delicious vegetarian gravy made in the Chinese style. It's the main course dish that goes nicely with fried rice or stir-fried noodles. If you're craving Asian flavours then this is the dish for you! It has different flavours of chilli sauce, soy sauce, spices and all the exotic veggies.

The classic Indo-Chinese dish that is loved by every chicken lover/ pinterest.com