Tea time is the time when the whole family sits together and enjoys their evening tea with some snacks and chit-chats. Tea is associated with the United Kingdom, Ireland, and several Commonwealth countries as a meal. Some people in the United Kingdom refer to their main evening meal as "tea" rather than dinner or supper, however, "tea" normally refers to a light meal or snack, except in Northern England.   A tea break is a work break taken in between the work to have a cup of tea or another beverage. Tea or Chai is a perfect stress buster. When we're stressed, we reach for chai. In fact, there is scientific evidence that it can be used as an antidepressant and can help alleviate tension. Tea keeps you full for a long time. Antioxidants and biotin are present, which help to stimulate and improve the immune system. Plus, there's more. It keeps you hydrated because it includes more than 90% water in a cup.

Here are some herbal teas that you drink instead of your usual chai-

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most widely consumed herbal teas worldwide. It contains antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiviral effects, and is most commonly used to support digestive system health. Peppermint tea has been used for centuries to help with stomach problems. Peppermint oil has been shown in studies to relieve nausea, cramps, spasms, and stomach pain.

Peppermint tea is very beneficial for the human digestive system/ pinterest.com


Hibiscus Tea

If you enjoy the sweet and tart flavour of cranberries, then hibiscus tea is for you. There are hundreds of kinds of hibiscus, but the most common one is Hibiscus sabdariffa, which is used to make hibiscus tea, which can be served hot or cooled. Hibiscus tea also helps in protecting the liver, is rich in vitamin C and is also a great anti-depressant.

Hibiscus tea has a sweet and tangy flavour of cranberries/ unsplash.com


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is one of the varieties of herbal tea. It is a popular beverage made from the Asteraceae plant family. Chamomile tea, which is high in flavonoids but low in caffeine, is good for your health and skin. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antispasmodic effects are all present in this calming beverage.

Chamomile tea relaxes the mind/ pixabay.com


Ginger Tea

A sip of ginger tea is all it takes to fight off the chills. Ginger tea is used as a herbal remedy for a variety of ailments because it is high in vitamin C, magnesium, and other nutrients. Lemon, honey, or peppermint are all great additions to this relaxing drink. Ginger tea is well known as an anti-nausea remedy, and studies have shown that it is useful in this regard. However, multiple studies have discovered that ginger can help decrease period discomfort and may have diabetes-related advantages. 

Ginger tea prevents cold/ pixabay.com


Jasmine Tea

"Jasmine tea" is a type of beverage that normally starts with green tea and is then infused with jasmine flowers for an enhanced scent. Tea flavoured with jasmine blossoms is known as jasmine tea. Green tea is the most common base for jasmine tea, but white tea and black tea are also utilised. Jasmine tea has a gently sweet and aromatic flavour as a result of this process. It is China's most well-known perfumed tea.

Jasmine tea has a sweet and aromatic flavour/ pinterest.com