Discovering The Passionate Foodie That Lata Mangeshkar Was
Image Credit: Lata Mangeshkar

As the whole country mourns the death of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, not many know that she was an absolute foodie. The Bharat Ratna recipient, who is known for her immense contribution to the music industry and well versed in many languages, also was known to love her seafood. 

It’s known that Lata tai as he is fondly referred loved whatever was cooked by her sibling none other than legendary Asha Bhosle. Her zeal and enthusiasm to enjoy life and live to the fullest was beyond imagination and most of the time this was reflected in her cooking as she loved her time in the kitchen. Though she was much disciplined as an individual and it was also seen in the food habits, but at time she didn’t mind indulging. Due to her Konkani roots, she showed a special liking for spicy seafood dishes. Her father Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar belonged to Mangeshi in Goa. And due to Goan roots seafood happened to be one of her favourite dish. Also, the fact that the Mangeshkar are known for their love of mutton preparations that are much flavourful and loaded with zesty spices. Not many know that that Mangeshkar family owned a restaurant in Pune where legendary Lata ji herself was involved actively involved in putting the menu together. She loved her Mutton Kothimbir, a recipe of mutton prepared with coriander very much apart from Mutton Kakori Kebab. 

Even in an interview once Asha ji has said that Lata didi loved her particularly her Shammi Kebabs and Mutton Coriander. Once of the humblest human Lata ji was always known to appreciate simplicity one example being that she had expressed her love for food cooked in a “lakdi or koyle ka chulha”. Her morning ritual started with a glass of warm water (she avoided cold water) followed by some breakfast. Lata ji can be summed up as someone who really took fancy to small delights of life even like in a simple pickle. She loved her food spicy, thought with age she has to cut it down. She has once said ‘ I eat all sabzis. I have phulka and sabzi for lunch and Dal is a must. I eat all the sabzis and I am not allergic to anything. I am also fond of Gajar Halwa and add a lot of kesar to it”. 

The legend who loved mangoes made sure that she eats properly to her hearts content after every concert. And she had fond memories of the meal that she once had at Yash Chopra house s house. 

Today as we just have her memories and music with her, let’s relish this mutton kothimbir recipe that she loved. 

Here’s the recipe of Lata Mangeshkar favorite coriander mutton

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    Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf

    1/4 cup mustard oil

     2 tbsp ghee

    1 tbsp coriander powder

    1 tbsp red chili powder

    1 kg lamb meat

    5-6 tbsp coriander leaf ,green chili paste

    1/2 cup curd

    3 peeled onions

    1 whole garlic unpeeled washed

    1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

    2 to 3 green chilies


Marinate the mutton with curd and allow wit to rest for 1hour. 

Make chilli, ginger and garlic paste and add to the mutton.

Heat a pan and add ghee n oil both. 

Then add the chopped onion n stir it well, cook till it turns transparent. 

Add all the dry masalas  and add the fried onions.

Once cooked well add the mutton and saute well. Cook in medium flame. 

Oil the mutton leaves the oil, lower and flame and add the coriander leaves paste and green chillie

Keep stirring it and keep cooking for 40 minutes

Once done increase the flame cook for 2 mins. Garnish with red chillies n chopped coriander leaves.