9 Best Street Food Of Patna That You Must Not Miss Out
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Welcome to the vibrant streets of Patna, where you will experience a harmonious blend of senses with the aroma of smoky spices and the enticing call of mouthwatering treats. Despite the exciting chaos and vibrant spirit of this area, you will get an incredible collection of street foods waiting to be discovered, inviting the curious foodie in you to set out on a mouthwatering journey. 

Imagine savoury creations that will tantalize your palate, flaky pastries that drips all the sugary goodness, and smoky scents emanating from grills producing culinary art pieces. So get ready for an adventure through the best street foods that will leave you drooling and wanting more.

Video Credit: YouTube/Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

1. Chana Ghugni

Boiled chickpeas cooked in a mixture of spices make up the popular snack Chana Ghugni, you will get a tangy, flavorful, and mildly spicy taste. To add even more flavour, it's frequently topped with chopped onions, green chilies, and a squeeze of lime. Sample this delicious treat from stands dotted around Gandhi Maidan or from stands close to Patna University.

2. Til Kut

Tilkut, a beloved treat of Makar Sankranti, is made from ground sesame seeds combined with sugar or jaggery. The mixture is formed into flat squares or spherical balls. Tilkut is a delightful treat because of its distinct nutty flavour and the festival's cultural importance. 

3. Mutton Kebab

Mutton kebabs in Patna are an absolute delight for meat lovers—they are juicy, flavourful, and full of aroma. A mixture of spices and herbs is used for marinating minced mutton, which is then skewered and cooked to perfection. The outcome? Delicious, juicy kebabs that are oozing with mouthwatering flavour. You can taste these delicious kebabs at the stalls near Patna Junction.

4. Batatapuri

Batatapuri, a crispy hollow puri stuffed with a spicy blend of potato, tamarind chutney, yoghurt, and a dash of chaat masala. This is a delightful take on the conventional puri. Each bite is an explosion of flavours and textures. 

5. Tamatar Chaat

Tamatar Chat is an extremely simple but delicious street food that combines diced tomatoes with chutneys, herbs, and spices to produce a fiery and tangy flavour on your taste bud. A popular topping for this tasty snack is sev and coriander. 

6. Litti Chokha

When visiting Patna, you really must try this traditional Bihari dish. Whole wheat flour-based litti is filled with a spiced concoction of roasted gramme flour, or sattu. Typically, it is roasted over coal and is accompanied with chokha, a mashed vegetable mixture made with tomatoes, roasted eggplant, and spices. 

7. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri, a popular street snack in India, is a savoury dish composed of puffed rice, vegetables, a tart tamarind sauce, and several chutneys. Its delectable fusion of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours is what sets it apart.

8. Khaja

The street food scene in Patna is dominated by this sweet, flaky pastry. Perfectly cooked layers of dough are coated in sugar syrup. Khaja's complex preparation, which produces a crispy yet tender texture, is what sets it apart. 

9. Pani Puri

Similar to batata puri, pani puri is also a crispy hollow puri stuffed with a spicy blend of potato, onion, and chickpea. It is often spiced with tamarind chutney, chilli powder, and chat masala. You can enjoy sukha puri just with the potato mixture and tamarind chutney, which will give you the perfect taste of sweet and spicy, with a hint of tanginess, or by dunking it fully with spicy water made with tamarind and lemon. You will love it both ways!