Discover Top 10 South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh
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Chandigarh is a city known for its diverse culture and culinary delights. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full-fledged meal, the city has something for everyone. And when it comes to South Indian cuisine, here’s a list of the top 10 South Indian restaurants in Chandigarh.

1.    Sundaram’s

Situated in Sector 26 of Chandigarh, this South Indian restaurant has a lot of rave reviews. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the proprietor is really friendly. The staff has a great attitude towards their job. The Paneer Rava Masala Dosa is really good for the price. The chutney is delicious, making for a really authentic South Indian meal. It's no surprise that the establishment has won the award for best South Indian food for many years running; other popular dishes include Mysore Masala Dosa, Filter Coffee, Sambar, Idli, and Vada.

USP dish: Paneer Rava Masala Dosa

Location: SCO 35, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh-160017

Timing:  9 Am to 10:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there:Near Engineering College

Cost for two: Rs 600

2.    Karthik

This humble eatery in Sector 47 Market is known for starting breakfast service as early as 8 am, which is the earliest time for a decent restaurant in Chandigarh. It has simple decor and air conditioning installed. Its expansive menu of dosas gives you plenty of options to choose from. Their idli, vada, and sambar are great. The idlis are fluffy, and the vadas are crispy. The sambar is tangy and mildly spicy, just how it should be. Their Rawa Mysore Masala Dosa, Onion Uthappam, and Paper Dosa, all of which are huge in size, have a perfect South Indian aloo masala. You can conclude the meal with filter coffee, served in the usual small steel glass and tumbler. This is the perfect spot for a leisurely South Indian breakfast.

USP dish:Idlis and Sambar

Location: SCO 50, Sector 47 D, Sector 47, Chandigarh, 160047

Timing: 8 Am to 10:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there:Kundan Fish Market

Cost for two: Rs 300

3. Chennai Maratha

This is a reasonably priced spot, with limited seating available. The sambar and chutney are very delicious, and the Medu Vada and Idli are quite good too. It is a great place to go for South Indian dishes such as Masala Dosa, Onion Uthappam, and Sambar Rice.

USP dish:Ghee Masala Dosa

Location: Booth 34, Sector 34, Chandigarh-160022

Timing: 11 Am to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Indian Oil Petrol Pump

Cost for two: Rs 200

4. Sagar Ratna

If you're looking for delicious South Indian cuisine in Sector 17 of Chandigarh, then this is the spot. They also offer North Indian specialties, but the South Indian fare is superior. The service is speedy, and the staff is friendly and efficient. A must-try is their Rawa Onion Dosa, along with the Chutneys, Sambar, and Masala Dosa.

USP dish: Rawa Masala Dosa

Location: SCO 47, Sector 17 E, Near Sector 17, Chandigarh- 160035

Timing: 9:30 Am to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Near Mela Ground

Cost for two: Rs 600

5. Shree Sankalp South Indian Restaurant

As soon as you walk in, the staff will greet you warmly, and after a few formalities, they will provide you with a welcome beverage. Every South Indian dish was made fresh, and one could definitely taste the spices used in the dishes such as Idli Littles, Rasam Idli, Medu Vada, Onion Vada, Cheesy Spring Dosa, and Masala Dosa.

USP dish: Cheesy Spring Dosa

Location: SCO 11, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh-160020

Timing: 11 Am to 10:30 pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Near Water Works

Cost for two: Rs 950

6. Shree Ganesh

The eatery is located in Sector 15's back end and offers all items at reasonable prices. This eatery serves outstanding idlis served with coconut chutney and sambar. The masala dosa is highly rated, and their vadas are also fried crisp but soft inside. Overall, it's great value for money! The menu also includes upma, dahi vada, and uthappam.

USP dish:Ghee Masala Dosa

Location: Booth 20, Near Sub Post Office, Sector 15 C, Near Sector 15, Chandigarh-160015

Timing: 7:45 Am to 10:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Near Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurudwara

Cost for two: Rs 250

7. Panchratan

This is a popular spot for genuine South Indian food in Sector 22, and you can also opt for takeout if you’re in a hurry. Their Rawa Masala Dosa, Onion Uthappam, and Idli Vada are served with delicious chutney and piping-hot sambar. You will generally be pleased with their food quality, but the Gulab Jamuns served here are total crowd-pleasers.

USP dish:Masala Dosa

Location: SCO 2446, Sector 22, Chandigarh- 160022

Timing: 11 Am to 12:30 Am, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Near Himalaya Marg

Cost for two: Rs 700

8. Dosa Hub

You will be happy to discover the humble dosa in various avatars at Dosa Hub in Elante Mall. Their Volcano Dosa is a must-try, and we bet you've never had anything like it before! For the more conventional, the Plain Butter Dosa and the Mysore Masala are pretty darn good too. They've done an excellent job of preserving the authenticity of the dosa while also adding their own twist. Other dosas to try here are Matka Gravy Dosa, Cheese Volcano Dosa, Pizza Dosa, Pasta Gravy Dosa, and Cheese Chop suey Dosa.

USP dish:Burj Khalifa Dosa

Location: 3rd Floor, Elante Mall, Chandigarh Industrial Area, Chandigarh-160002

Timing: 11 Am to 11 pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Near Hyatt Regency

Cost for two: Rs 400

9. Indian Coffee House

This place can be encapsulated in three words: old, genuine, and inexpensive. The chairs and tables are shabby, yet the taste of the food is an authentic tradition that has been preserved for the past half century. From the uniforms of the staff to the dishes offered, everything has remained the same. Cold Coffee, Butter Masala Dosa and Idli Sambar are all 5/5. If you're in the vicinity of Sector 17, then this is a must-try. Among their selections are Filtered Coffee, Hot Coffee, Vada, Masala Dosa, and Sambar.

USP dish: Masala Dosa

Location: SCO 12, Sector 17 E, Near Sector 17, Chandigarh-160017

Timing: 9 Am to 9:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there: Near Sector 17 Market

Cost for two: Rs 300

10. Masalchi

This restaurant has crafted its menu with the most celebrated dishes from all across the country. With South Indian cuisine as the primary focus, this eatery has a wide selection of non-vegetarian dosas and starters that you can hardly find anywhere else in Tricity. This place is the ideal spot for late-night cravings in the middle of the city, with a pleasant atmosphere and warm hospitality. You must try their exclusive dishes like the Madras Pepper Dosa, Plain Uthappam, Paneer Uthappam, Appam with Mutton Stew, Curd Rice, and Malabar Paratha with Veg Stew.

USP dish: Madras Idli Fry

Location: SCO 58-61, Madhya Marg, Sector 8, Chandigarh-160008

Timing:12 Pm to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday

How to get there:Near DAV Public School

Cost for two: Rs 1,000