Discover The 5 Best Ways To Enjoy Murmura And Boost Health
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Puffed rice, often known as murmura, is a crispy, satisfying food. It has become a popular snack choice for folks who are health-conscious and want to indulge without feeling bad. It's hardly surprising that puffed rice has become a go-to option for consumers looking to eat something delicious without compromising their health goals due to its excellent texture and delicate flavour. But what distinguishes this common cereal from others? Join us as we go through the advantages of murmura, or puffed rice, for your health as well as the best ways to prepare it.

Health Benefits Of Murmura:

Low In Calories:

Due to its low-calorie content, puffed rice can be incorporated into diets that restrict calories or aim to make people lose weight. It can serve as a satisfying option for snacks without significantly boosting your daily calorie consumption.


Puffed rice can be a fantastic food choice for people who are watching their calorie and fat intake. Naturally low in fat and calories, puffed rice can be made into a much healthier snack by adding additional fruits or vegetables. Additionally, it is naturally gluten-free, making it acceptable for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

A Good Source Of Energy:

Rich in carbs, puffed rice produces energy gradually, resulting in a consistent level of energy. The body may use the carbs in puffed rice as fuel, and they may also aid in the proper operation of the brain.

Immunity Booster:

Puffed rice is a fantastic choice for boosting the immune system, battling germs, and protecting the body against numerous ailments like stomach infections, fever, the common cold, sore throat, and other respiratory anomalies because of the variety of antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients it contains.

Regulates Blood Pressure:

Puffed rice actively contributes to the normalisation and control of blood pressure thanks to its low salt content. Both in cases of high and low blood pressure, it is crucial. By enhancing cardiovascular endurance and heart health, it lowers the risk of cardiac abnormalities such as heart attack, heart obstruction, stroke, etc.

Here's How You Can Add Murmura To Your Diet:

Bhel Puri:

Bhel Puri, a highly popular street food snack from Mumbai, is composed of puffed rice, puri, cooked potatoes, onions, different chutneys, herbs, ground spices, and sev (fried gram flour vermicelli). Making this dish at home is simple. It is a delightful snack with a variety of tastes and textures, including salty, sweet, crispy, sour, and crunchy. The preparation of bhel puri takes less than 45 minutes.

Kurmura Jaggery:

Kids have been enjoying Kurmura jaggery bars for years since they are a classic, traditional Indian delight. The bars' magical combination of crunchy puffed rice, fragrant roasted sesame seeds, and mild cardamom spice renders children breathless with delight.

Benne Dosa:

South Indian cuisine prepared with a batter of rice, lentils, and puffed rice is tasty and traditional, as is this recipe for benne dosa. The dosa is a hearty and filling breakfast or snack since it is prepared on a hot griddle with copious amounts of butter.

Spicy Murmura Chivda:

Unlike Kolhapuri bhadang, which uses chilli powder, this flavorful snack is made of puffed rice and is spiced up with curry leaves and green chillies. The combination of crunchy peanuts and crushed garlic, which brilliantly contrast with the texture and flavour of the kurmura to give your taste buds an exhilarating journey, is what makes the spicy puffed rice chivda the most intriguing.

Chocolate Puffed Rice Balls:

Make homemade chocolate balls for your kids. The puffed rice and biscuit give these cute little balls their crunch, and the jam and chocolate give them their sweetness. Its attraction is increased by the colourful vermicelli finish, which tempts kids to pick them up.