Discover Korea The Delish Way At This Famous 5-Star Hotel In Aerocity
Image Credit: Pullman | Discover Korea The Delish Way At This Famous 5-Star Hotel In Aerocity

From music to drama, to skincare, the ‘Korean-craze' seems to be dominating worldwide. India has been no stranger to food from farther east. In Delhi alone, you’d find several Japanese, Burmese, Chinese and Thai restaurants. The growing number of Korean restaurants in the capital is helping Dilliwallahs warm up to the eclectic Korean fare too. Words like Kimbaps, Kimchi and Ramyun are entering common parlance. To encourage this growing fascination of Indians in Korea, the Korea Tourism Organisation organised a Korean food festival at the Honk, Pullman New Delhi, Aerocity. Honk, which is one of capital’s favourite Pan-Asian dining destination kickstarted the festival earlier in April, which is slated to go on till 11th May.  

Chef Neeraj Tyagi the culinary Director of Pullman Hotel has teamed up with Chef Jiyeol Kim, a Korean Chef and K-food expert from the Embassy of Republic of Korea to curate a menu capturing the best of Korea.  

We started out with crispy Korean Fried chicken, the delicious appetiser served as the perfect start to the extravaganza with its sweet and spicy flavour and texture. Then we proceeded to Guksu, the Korean clear noodles soup with radish, spring onions, anchiovies, nori sheet, homemade noodles, eggs, chicken and kimchi oil. Satisfying to bits. A range of Kimbap, or the ‘Korean Sushi’ followed next. These are thinner in comparison. In Japanese sushi, the rice is seasoned with vinegar whereas in Kimbap, the rice is seasoned in sesame oil. We particularly loved the Tuna Kimbap that came with the filling of fatty tuna, seasonal veggies, pickled radish and mushrooms. We also grew fans of the cheese and kimchi Kimbaps, very soft, very creamy.  

For mains, we filled our plates with the Bul Dak, the tangy, pan-fried chicken won us over.  Then we tried the Bul Gogi Lamb, Korean marinated slices of grilled lamb were bursting with hints of black pepper, sesame seeds and white onions. We paired the two with  Japchae, the stir-fried Korean glass noodles, that also came with the goodness of mushrooms, bellpeppers, onion shitaake, brown sugar and honey.  

We loved the Bulgogi so much that we even fetched the recipe or you. Here you go. Try making it at home and let us know how you liked it


  • Lamb Leg Boneless (Thinly Sliced) – 800gm  
  • White Onion – 240gm  
  • Carrot – 200gm  
  • Spring Onion – 200gm  
  • Sesame Seeds – 20gm  
  • Sesame Oil – 100ml
  • Sake – 100ml
  • Light Soya – 100ml
  • Honey – 50gm  
  • Salt – 10gm  
  • Pears – 200gm  
  • Garlic – 100gm  
  • Black Pepper – 20gm  


  1. Nicely pat dry the sliced meat.
  2. Mix together Equal quantity of Sesame Oil, Sake & Light Soya Sauce in pan.  
  3. Gradually add half the quantity of Honey and Finely Chopped Pears without Skin.
  4. Season the sauce with Crushed Black pepper & Salt.
  5. Mix Together above sauce, Sliced Lamb and Sliced Garlic.
  6. On a medium heat let it get quickly cooked.
  7. Once lamb is partially cooked add White Onion and Carrots.
  8. In 5-7mins Lamb will be cooked add Spring Onion & Sesame Seeds just before Serving.