From Hills To Your Plate: Himachali Meat Dishes You Must Try

One of the most beautiful states of India, Himachal Pradesh is known not just for its mountains but also for it’s delectable flavours that the state sees. The mighty snow-capped mountains, valleys, dense forests, and the unending charms and the state also sees some great culinary delights. The Himachali cuisine is perfect example of flavourful mix of different Pahadi flavours and aroma that mix to give an array of delightful gastronomical experience. Each valley in Himachal sees some distinct taste and flavours and together contribute to the whole gamut Himachali cuisine. The weather conditions, traditions, history and local produce all bunch together make it whatever it is today. The unique aroma and flavour of this cuisine comes from the technique of slow flame cooking and the rich use of yoghurt and cardamom and more. 

Let’s explore some Himachali Mutton dishes to amp up your table. 

Chaa Gosht 

This traditionally Himachali dish that is prepared with pieces of marinated mutton, gram flour and curd, is mildly spiced and pairs great with plain steamed rice. This dish from the hill state is cooked in mustard oil. In this royal dish the well marinated mutton pieces are slowly cooked in gram flour, and yoghurt till the oil leaves the sides. This gives the dish it’s rich texture. A lot of aromatic spices goes into making of this dish and due to the use of curd this dish gets mildly spicy to tangy sweet taste. 

Khatta meat

This dish is a Dogri speciality. This ethnic group is mostly found in Jammu and Kashmir adjoining areas of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh. The dish is called Khatta meat as it gets its distinct sour taste to the meat curry due to the use of 'aamchoor”. This dish sees a spicy and sour taste and goes best with some hot hot roti’s. A well blend and amalgamation of several spices this Himachali dish sees a nice mild rustic smokey flavour. This semi dry dish is perfect for dinner.

Himachali Gosht Rara

Mutton Rara, happens to be a popular dish mostly in the northern regions of India. The meat is cooked with muton keema and is enjoyed best with plain rice or phulkas/rotis. Himachali Gosht Rara sees mutton chunks and use of fresh spices. This dish gets its flavour from the freshly ground spices that is slow cooked. The whole spices are dry roast and then grinded. And then you heat oil in a pan and saute the onions till it turns light brown. Then the mutton is added and stir fred till they turn a slight brownish in colour. Now the ginger-garlic paste is added then sauted. Once all is cooked well the dry spices are added and followed by the mince. Mix all of them well and cook, covered till dry. Once all the spices have been cooked and blended well let it simmer for some time. Add the ghee and coriander leaves and it is ready to be served.