Digestion To Diabetes: 7 Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Jamun

Summer is the best time to enjoy some of the most delicious and juicy fruits. And no, we are not just talking about mangoes but other seasonal fruits like watermelon, litchi, musk melon, jamun etc. This piece is dedicated to one of the most underrated fruits like jamun. Also known as Indian blackberry, java plum, jambolan or jambil, this oval shaped purplish fruit has a sweet and sour taste. And it is power packed with ample health benefits. Wanna know what these benefits are? Here you go! 

Video credits: Yummy/Youtube

Promotes Better Digestion 

As per some studies, jamun has so many anti-bacterial properties which can prevent infections in the digestive system and other issues like appendicitis and diarrhea. It also prevents constipation and enables the production of saliva which helps in breaking down of food and thus, promotes better digestion.  

Manages Diabetes 

Jamun is known to be a magical remedy for diabetes, especially type II. Because of its low glucose content, jamun has low glycemic index. Thus, it helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check and provides the right nutrition to the body.  

Promotes Healthy Heart Health 

If some studies are to be believed, jamun contains tritepenoid which actually slows down the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Jamun could be beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases. It can also reduce the risk of severe heart illnesses. 

Boosts Immunity 

Let us tell you that jamun is a great source of vitamin C. This vitamin can help in boosting the body’s immune system. Consumption of jamun can prevent infections, viruses and bacteria and provides energy to the body. One must consume jamuns in the season. 

Good For Skin 

Because of its vitamin C content, jamun can have magical effects on the skin. Not just can it lighten and brighten the skin, but it also prevents early ageing. It regenerates the skin and helps in removing the skin’s texture. It also fades scars and blemishes.  

Promotes Better Oral Health 

This may come as a shock to you, but jamuns can be extremely beneficial for oral health. It can provide healthy gums and teeth. It can cure bleeding gums and can ward off bacteria from the teeth. Jamun can also prevent bad breath. 

Beneficial For Bones

Jamun is one such fruit power packed with iron, potassium, vitamin C and calcium. It can help strengthen bones and overcome calcium deficiency in the body. Consumption of jamun can also benefit the body in so many ways. 

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