In India, sirka is used to preserve pickles. But it is also used to cure stomach problems, diarrhoea and diabetes. You may use jamun ka sirka in cooking too, but most of the time, people prefer to use jamun ka sirka for the fact that it has amazing medical properties that can treat many problems. All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of jamun ka sirka in a glass of water, and gulp it down.

You know, making jamun ka sirka is a lot like squishing grapes to make wine. Of course, one won’t actually have to put the fruit between the toes, though some people would do that with grapes. Nonetheless, we have to do a lot of manual work here, so the juices begin to flow properly. They will be used to make sirka. In this recipe, you just need one ingredient: jamun. 

Here’s how you can make jamun ka sirka:


1-kilo jamun



  1. Wash the jamun properly and transfer it to a big steel pot. 
  2. Use your hands to start crushing the jamun. Squeeze the juices out. 
  3. To ensure that the juices have been released, here’s what you should do: Layer a muslin cloth on top of a container. 
  4. Put the crushed jamun in a muslin cloth. Tie the cloth with a rubber band. 
  5. Keep turning the cloth so that the juices begin to flow in the container. 
  6. Check that the juice collected in the container have no pulp. 
  7. Transfer the juice to a glass jar. 
  8. Let it sit for a few weeks until it tastes vinegar-y. 
  9. Keep checking the taste occasionally. 
  10. It could take many weeks or months for it to taste fully acidic
  11. Then it is ready to use. 
  12. Store it in an airtight bottle, so that the aroma and flavour continue to develop.

We hope that you’ll consider making jamun ka sirka!