Hypertension, also recognised as high blood pressure is a condition related to the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by our heart while it pumps the blood towards the organs and the peripheries of our body and is felt within the blood vessels. The normal blood pressure recorded is usually 120/80mmHg, which can fluctuate 10% on both sides. Hypertension is quite different from stress or anxiety, although they might contribute to causing hypertension. Besides these mental and psychological causes, there are many other physical and physiological causes of hypertension. 

If your blood pressure levels are severely high for a more extended period, you must consult a doctor. But there are specific steps in your diet and lifestyle that you can take to manage hypertension: 

Summer particular food to help lower blood pressure 

  • Reduction in calorie intake, salt and sugar intake, avoiding fried and refined foods (high on trans fats and omega 6), alternate days fasting on thin soups prepared out of natural spices and herbs or juices or intermittent fasting for 15 hours are ideal. 
  • One must focus on taking liquids and foods that are rich in potassium (apple, banana, greens), vitamin C (lemon, amla), nitrates (beets, aged garlic) and other natural nutraceuticals and anti-oxidants. Hibiscus tea can be consumed along with cinnamon powder too.

  • One must consume lots of vegetables and watery fruits, which are seasonal in summer. 
  • Fat and oil-free diet are highly recommended. Reduce beverages, sour and spicy food and table salt. Avoid inappropriate food combinations such as carbohydrate and protein for a meal etc. Maintain a healthy mental, physical, spiritual and diet routine.  
  • Carrots, aushguard, flaxseeds, ajwain, drumstick, tomatoes, pomegranate, tulsi, radish, wheat bran, ginger, sesame etc., can be included in the diet. One can also use vegetables such as red cabbage, beetroots and fruits such as apple, watermelon and pears, etc., which contains a great ingredient to induce vasodilation.

(Inputs By Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Naturals)