Did You Know, Poha Finds Mention in Epic Mahabharata?
Image Credit: Poha (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)

The story of Krishna and Sudama’s friendship is not hidden from anyone. Anyone who has studied the epic Mahabharata knows the famous tale that tells about Sudama offering beaten rice flakes or Poha to his dear friend Krishna. This happened when the former went to visit the latter remembering his love for aval, another name for Poha. In return, Krishna showered his love by offering wealth to Sudama which he needed but never asked for. In his thought, Sudama did show gratitude to the Lord. 

Such is the story of Poha, the quintessential Indian breakfast. My first tryst with this light meal happened during my college days. My sister used to make this almost every Sunday to have with a cup of hot and comforting tea. But, I never showed interest in learning how to make Poha. Later, when I started living alone, I saw the escape wasn’t there anymore. That’s when my love story with Poha began. It is not only light and easy to make but extremely tasty too. You can relish it as your evening snack too.

This savoury dish is believed to have originated in Maharashtra. You go to any Maharashtrian’s house and you will be most probably served Kanda Poha. Though the state is famous for its love for Misal Pav, there is no dearth of Poha options too. From Kanda Poha to Spicier Vangi Poha, and Batata Poha, you will get a variety of this dish in Maharashtra. 

The dish is believed to reach Madhya Pradesh following the capture of Indore by Holkars and Scindias who had popularized Poha in Maharashtra during their regimes. 

Currently, Indori Poha is almost a brand just like Hyderabadi Biryani, Bihar’s Litti Chhokha, and more such signature dishes. Poha is to date considered an invasion gift to Indore. However, the people of the city experimented with it through their special way of cooking. Indore showed a different take on Poha. Unlike Maharashtra, you will be served Poha topped with namkeens like Indori sev in Indore. This is a must-have for anyone and everyone who is travelling to Indore. 

Are you ready to relish the famous, Indori Poha? Here is its recipe in case you are in the mood to prepare that at home.