Cucumber Slices On Eyes Really Work; Here's How To Use Them
Image Credit: Freepik

We are all familiar with that visual of a person in a spa gown relaxing on a massage chair with cucumber slices on their eyes and their face covered in a beauty mask. Round cucumber slices are often placed in this way on spa days or facial days to relax the eyes and the undereye area. Additionally, this green fruit is often added to salads or served in a raita for its hydrating properties and high nutrient content. Cucumbers then, have health benefits that also translate into healthy eyes and reduced swelling of undereye skin.

Cucumbers can be used for the eyes by placing them on eye lids and allowing their cooling properties to work their charm. As well, cucumber juice or extract can also be applied to the area under the eyes as a scrub or exfoliant that gets rid of harmful toxins. One of the best ways to make the most out of cucumber's health benefits is to add them to your diet. Have a few slices of raw cucumber with your lunch every day or even as a mid-morning munching and chew on them to take in all their potent juices and fibrous content. Read on below for some nutrient benefits of cucumbers that help to fortify eye health:

Good Source Of Vitamin C

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C which means that they have a naturally refreshing effect on the eyes and the area around the eyes. Vitamin C helps to get rid of environmental toxins and promotes new cell growth which reduces layers of puffiness leaving the eyes feeling lively and refreshed.  

Rich In Water Content

High in water, cucumber is a wonderful hydrant which keeps the area under the eyes moisturised and nourished. Cucumber juice also works on the skin to improve its elasticity and reduce the tendency of developing wrinkles. The water in the cucumber also acts as a coolant that helps to soothe the eyes and take away excess heat.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce swelling under the eyes. Placing frozen cucumber slices on eye lids can help to get rid of oxidative stress, reduce tissue swelling and get rid of fatigue and tiredness plaguing the undereye area. The cooling properties of cucumber also act as vasoconstrictors that reduce blood flow and have a relaxing effect on undereye areas.

High Levels Of Vitamin K

The high proportion of vitamin K in cucumbers helps to reduce darkness under the eyes. If you are feeling sleep-deprived and have contracted deep dark circles that seem to descend from your undereye area to your cheekbones, simply take a couple of cucumber slices and place them on your eyes. Frozen cucumber slices are better alternatives than room temperature ones, for a quick effect.

Natural Antioxidant

Cucumbers are natural antioxidants which means that they help to get rid of harmful toxins and reduce free radical damage. This works towards cleansing the eyes and rids them of the effects of excessive pollution or dust that can cause irritation or a burning sensation. Cucumbers help to eliminate germs gently soothing and protecting undereye skin.

The multiple benefits of cucumbers make them a much sought-after home remedy for dealing with irritable eyes or eyes over exposed to the screen or UV rays. There are some easy ways to use cucumber slices or peels on eyes to cool and soothe them and boost overall eye health. Here are a couple of handy hacks to make the most out of applying cucumbers on your eyes:

1. Apply With Seeds Intact: Cucumber seeds have properties that help to nourish and hydrate the eyes. Apply cucumber slices without seeding them for maximum effect.

2. Keep The Peels Intact: Wash the cucumber thoroughly before slicing it to make pieces that can be applied to the eyelids. Keep the peels on to give a bit of sturdiness to the slices so that they rest firmly on the eyes.

3. Sit In A Relaxing Chair: If you want to make the most of this beauty regime, relax on a reclining chair or lie down on the bed and keep the cucumber slices on your eyes. Try to get in a quick 10–15-minute meditation to calm yourself.

4. Apply Frozen Slices: One of the best ways to extract the whole effect of cucumbers is to freeze the slices and apply them onto tired eyes. This quickens the process of reducing puffiness and swelling, refreshing the eyes and getting rid of that tired look.

5. Use In The Morning: Rather than as an overnight regime, cucumbers are best used upon waking up in the morning. If you have had a rough night, start the day with this DIY hack and be free of dark circles and puffy eyes. The cooling cucumbers will also reduce a feeling of drowsiness.