3 Cucumber Recipes To Beat The Summer Woes
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Cucumber is a must-have item that we all love to include in our summer diets, from the traditional cucumber raita to the cucumber mojito and even just plain slices of cucumber with lunch. The plant is renowned for several additional advantages besides its cooling properties, being rich in minerals and vitamins being one of them. This member of the gourd family is filled with accessible (easily absorbed) minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes, making its watery composition an excellent source of additional daily nutrients. Cucumbers are widely available all year long, but it is strongly encouraged to include them in our diet during the summer so that they can hydrate our bodies and replace fluids lost to humidity. Up to 95% of a cucumber's composition is water, and two substances, ascorbic acid and caffeic acid work to reduce water retention. It helps hydrate your body and wash away impurities because of its high water content.

Cucumber Raita

The iconic cucumber raita, which tops the list, is the most well-known and beloved summer dish that never fails to please us. There are other possibilities, like serving it with roti or a basic dish like biryani. The simplicity and speed with which it may be prepared elevate this raita to one of the best ways to eat cucumber. This side dish, which is made with curd, which is both a probiotic and a cooling component, does wonders for an upset stomach.

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Although cucumber is well known for its hydrating qualities, you can add it to another cold beverage to increase its advantages and flavour. We are discussing the traditional chaas. The next time you make the beverage, simply stir in some kheera (cucumber). Mix thoroughly and liquefy until watery. Coriander garnish, black salt, powdered jeera, and serve cold.

 Cucumber Idli

Why confine cucumbers' crunchiness to just lunch and dinner dishes? Use this recipe for cucumber idli to include them in your quick breakfast menu. A common instant meal in the Karnataka and Konkani parts of the nation is the cucumber idli. It is a unique breakfast option that you ought to give a shot at because it excludes fermentation, soaking, and other time-consuming procedures.