Did You Know About These Refreshing Summer Drinks From Eastern India?
Image Credit: Source: pakka_bihaari/Instagram

As soon as summer arrives, we hop onto our pantry to find ingredients to make indulgent and delectable beverages to keep us refreshed throughout the scorching days. From the simple nimbu paani to lassi and falooda, we Indians delve deep into the ocean of refreshing and decadent beverages that keep us hydrated during warm days. However, it's not a matter of surprise that a rich and diverse cuisine like our country’s has a vast range of beverages to be relished. Every region of the country has its signature summer beverage that is enough to drive away all your fatigue and tiredness. However, on today’s culinary journey to explore the summer drinks of India, we are stopping by in eastern India. And here are some summer beverages from this part of the country that you can count on this summer.

1. Tanka Torani

Tell an Odia about Jagannath darshan during summers and they’ll immediately come up with the idea of slurping a glass full of tanka torani. Made with fermented rice water (torani), green chillies, curry leaves, crushed ginger and salt, this drink is refreshing and delicious too. Coming back home to this drink after a long day is one of the best things during summers.

2. Aam Jhora

Listing down summer drinks without including mangoes in them? Can’t happen, won’t happen. The popular Bihari beverage aam jhora is a raw mango-based drink that is nutritious and delicious as well. The sweet and savoury flavour of the drink makes it irresistibly delicious to relish.

We are all aware of the excellent nutrition benefits of sattu. The Indian superfood is filled with essential nutrients and is a great option when it comes to refreshment and energy. So, how about relishing a delicious and refreshing sattu sherbet this summer? The Bihari drink is enough to leave you energised for the entire day.

4. Gondhoraj Ghol

If you still don’t know about gondhoraj, you are missing out on a lot. One of the most aromatic varieties of lemon, gondhoraj is great when it comes to incorporating it into a drink. And nothing is better than this typical Bengali drink to beat the heat. Relishing this aromatic and delicious drink is one of the best things to do this summer.

Made with sabza seeds, landa baguli dahi sarbat is a delicious and refreshing melange of curd and sabza seeds. These seeds are soaked in a sugar and curd mixture and are served with chilled water.