Did These Desserts From Lucknow Make Bipasha Basu Cheat On Her Diet? Let’s Find Out
Image Credit: Screengrab of story/Instagram, From ragi to oats ladoos, here are some healthy sweet meats.

For someone who is a big-time foodie, it is very difficult to say no to sweets. Desserts are like a weakness for such people. While Lucknow is home to a plethora of kebabs and biryanis from the days of the Nawabs, they also have popular sweet meats in hidden in their treasury. Most Bollywood celebrities are very health conscious and try to keep themselves in shape. They avoid eating junk and sugary food. However, every once in a while, everyone gives in to their cravings.  Bipasha Basu is one of them. 

She has the persona of a fitness enthusiast who maintains her diet and exercise regime very cautiously. The other side of the coin is that she is a Bengali and a huge foodie. She loves eating her traditional Bengali dishes as much as she enjoys the international fare. From the Valentine’s Day special cakes to this recent sweet treat that arrived at her house, we know that her love for desserts is uncompromised. In the past, she has shared pictures of her husband, Karan Singh Grover cooking for her as well her own cooking experiments. This time it was a surprise package that arrived. 

Bipasha Basu’s friends, Ayaz and Jannat, as heard in the audio of the video shared on her story, came over a box of motichoor ladoos for her, all the way from Lucknow. The ladoos look extremely tempting and Bipasha seems confused if she should thank her friends or not because they are making her cheat on her diet. Here is what the ladoos looked like. 

Source: Bipasha Basu/Instagram

Oats are a great substitute when it comes to desserts. From kheer and other puddings to halwa and ladoos, you can toss up anything from oats. Fill the oats with some black sesame seeds and your crunchy black ladoos are ready.