Diana Penty Starts A Social Media Poll On Masala Dosa
Image Credit: Diana Penty/Instagram, The actor teaches us a great way to eat masala dosa.

One of the fittest actors in Bollywood, Diana Penty loves eating burgers, pizzas, noodles, and more. Still known for her debut film, Cocktail, Diana stunned everyone with her performance in her subsequent movies too. However, when fans turned to her social media profile, they realised that she’s a big-time foodie too. This made her even more relatable.

Constantly posting about her daily nibbles, this time we caught Diana having a Masala Dosa. With immense love for South Indian food, you’ll often find her eating dosas and idlis for breakfast. Sitting in her hotel room, the actor posted a video of herself eating Masala Dosa on her Instagram feed. What was interesting was that she actually revealed her favourite way to eat the Masala Dosa. Moreover, she even did a poll, asking her followers to tell her if they liked their “masala on the inside or on the side”.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram reel/Diana Penty

She was seen taking a bite of her dosa, while saying, “Anybody else like masala on the side rather than in the dosa? Hands up”, and she raises her hand to show her approval of this way of eating the dosa. Interestingly, in the comments, one could find several users commenting about what they thought of this idea. One of them was quick to say, “This is the most honest you’ve been on reels”, while several others agreed in unison that the masala should be kept on the side.

One of them even highlighted the fact that, “Obviously on the side so that the dosa remains crispy”, which is actually quite true. Earlier too, Diana has shared glimpses of her breakfast, where she posted a picture of dosa, vada and coconut chutney and called it her “breakfast of champions”.