Dia Mirza’s Chai Platter Is All About Indulgence
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Dia Mirza

India is obsessed with chai and pakoda as an evening ritual. As the clock ticks 4 pm, our stomach too starts to crave some crispy tidbits to satiate our cravings and also, to go with our staple cup of piping hot chai. And it seems like our celebrities are no different, especially Dia Mirza. The actress, along with her husband Vaibhav Rekhi, had recently gone for a vacation to celebrate their anniversary, and it looks like she is already missing it. In her recent Instagram posts, Dia Mirza shared how she is especially missing her scrumptious chai platters from the mountains.  

Posting a ‘throwback’ picture on Instagram stories, Dia showcased a platter of delicious snacks along with two steaming cups of tea, overlooking a scenic view of mountains. Take a look: 

Image: Dia Mirza's Instagram Stories

Stunning, isn’t it? In the picture, we could spot a plateful of cheesy and loaded toasts, samosas alongside some chutney, and some more fried tidbits. There was also a bowl full of veggies and cheese. Isn’t that the best chai platter while on a vacation? 

Dia's chai chronicles continued when she recently also shared a post about her evening tea that she enjoyed amid a beautiful golden sunset in the mountains. We can see Dia sipping on her chai while some snacks await in front of her. "Mountains are calling... Also, it's chai time!" and used tags like ‘#SunsetKeDiVane’ she captioned the post.

Dia is quite a foodie too as she keeps giving us glimpses of her indulgences. For instance, on her recent trip to Lucknow, Dia got on the other side of the table and helped in making a plateful of delicious and rich Kadha Prasad, which she indulged in later too. Kadha prasad is a rich dessert made in ghee and offered to all who visit and pray in a gurudwara.  

Coming back to chai, what is your favourite tea-time snack? Let us know.