Dhokla: 10 Delicious Variations For Midnight Cravings
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A famous meal across India, dhokla is a savoury sponge dish unique to Gujarat and some neighbouring regions. It is created by steaming a fermented batter till it resembles cake. The batter is made up of rice and Bengal gramme, though there are various variations like urad beans, chickpeas, or pigeon peas.

In Jain literature from 1066 CE, dukkia—a pulse-based forerunner of dhokla—is referenced. The Gujarati Varanaka Samuchaya is the oldest known work referencing the word "dhokla" (1520 CE).

Split chickpeas, chana dal, and dried rice are steeped for the entire night. After the mixture is crushed, the paste must ferment for four hours or more. Ginger, coriander, and chilli pepper are among the spices that are added.

After roughly 15 minutes of steaming, the fermented batter is sliced into pieces. Curry leaves, green chillies, and sautéed mustard or cumin seeds are used to season these chopped pieces.

Traditionally, dhokla is served with coriander chutney and deep-fried chiles, topped with shredded coconut or fresh coriander.

Now that you know dhokla, why not learn about its several varieties to eat at midnight? 

10 Dhokla Variations You Should Try 

1. Rava Dhokla

Gujarat is known for its delicious food, dhokla. Rava dhokla is a pretty tasty snack. This meal stands out from the rest since it can be eaten for breakfast, as an evening snack, or as the main course. This delicious snack has a straightforward recipe. It is made by combining curd, rava, and corn flour. The mixture is then cooked under steam after that. They are chopped into square pieces once they are cooked through. Pouring lime, sugar, and tadka made from toasted mustard seeds on top is the finishing touch. Afterwards, finely chopped coriander leaves are used as a garnish. Dhokla is unquestionably a delicious snack.

2. Khaman Dhokla

The flavour of the soft, spongy dhokla is just unique. The best instant dhokla is this one. It is quickly prepared. Preparing this dhokla takes at least 20 minutes at most. Yoghurt and fermented gram flour make an incredible mix. Nobody could have created such a delicious dish with just two everyday items.

3. Khatta Dhokla

This dhokla is not like the other kind at all. Instead of fermented gram flour, you'll need rice and urad dal to make this dhokla. To make this dhokla, you must soak both for at least three to four hours. Next, drain and thoroughly ground them. Stir in the chopped coriander leaves and chilli. After combining, let it sit for 7-8 hours. Next, steam the mixture, add dhokla's unique Tadka with Mustard Seeds, and serve it hot with some delicious green Chutney.

4. Dhokla Sandwich

This dish is delicious but requires around 15 minutes to cook and 7 to 8 hours to prepare. The dhokla is very remarkable. This dhokla is merely a blend of Rava and Khaman Dhokla. Which layer appears first and which last is up to you. In Gujarat, Dhokla is incredibly well-known.

5. Idada Dhokla

Idada dhokla is a fantastic, always-available, non-fried snack. This is just dhokla without the fermentation process. This dhokla is especially beneficial for Jains and anyone experiencing acid reflux. The Khatta Dhokla is not nearly as quick to prepare as this one, which is its most significant feature. Make these midnight snacks beforehand to devour.

6. Toor Dal Dhokla

Everyone is aware of the many health advantages of toor dal. The dhokla produced by Toor Dal is delicious and quite healthy. After being soaked, the toor dal is ground. Dhokla is prepared by adding chopped coriander leaves and chilli to the dal. Whether you want to prepare fermented or unfermented dhokla is entirely up to you.

7. Rasiya Dhokla

This dhokla is truly unique for anyone who enjoys gravy. Many enjoy trying new things, and one of them created this cuisine. This experiment's greatest feature is its deliciousness, which goes well with chapati and rice. The dish fits within the categories of snack and main course simultaneously. It makes the perfect midnight snack. 

8. Dhokla Mango

The new variant Khatta Dhokla is called Mango Dhokla. Just stir raw mango paste into the fermenting mixture to make this dhokla. The taste and scent of the dhokla are simply enhanced with the inclusion of mango. For any fan of mango, the dhokla holds great significance. The best addition someone can make to any dish is the mango touch.

9. Rava Palak Dhokla

The dhokla has numerous health advantages. You can infer the health benefits of dhokla just by looking at its name. Healthy oats and rava are used to make the dhokla. The addition of a lush green vegetable—that is, none other than pak (spinach)—adds an extra healthful touch. Not only is dhokla delightful, but it's also healthy. You have to give this dhokla a try.

10. Rajma Dhokla

This is for you if you want a completely distinct Dhokla that tastes nothing like regular dhokla while having the same name. All you have to do to make this dhokla is swap out the fermented Gramme Flour combination for fermented Rajma paste. It is unique and tasty at the same time. Prepare it beforehand to indulge with this tasty snack at midnight.

Dholka is similar to a cake in texture, but it's steamed instead of baked, giving it a light, spongy feel. The commonly consumed snack provides an abundance of flavour.

The snack is delicious even without green chutney; however, many people like it that way. Thus, don't hesitate to prepare this delicious dish in advance when you have a craving for a late-night snack.