Dinner without desserts is incomplete. Sitting at the dining table with your family and having delicious food is cherished by everyone. We look forward to sweet dishes after dinner to complete our meal. We have a strong desire for something sweet after eating for a variety of lifestyle-related reasons. Having something sweet after dinner is scientifically proven to improve your happiness and mental health. In general, we Indians have a high-carbohydrate diet, which causes blood sugar levels to rise and then drop after dinner. Our bodies need the same high-calorie substitute, prompting us to seek out something sweet and sugary. Many cultures around the world continue the age-old habit of eating dessert after a meal. The scrumptious sweet dish given at the end of the dinner marks the meal's completion and also gives you a sense of contentment. A dessert can provide several health benefits in addition to its cultural significance and component of satisfaction.

Here are some easy to make desserts that you can have after dinner-

Fruit Custard

Having a bowl of cold fruit custard feels like heaven. Custards are very easy to make. All you have to do is add some custard powder to warm milk and cook it for 20-25 minutes. You can also add fruits of your choice to enhance the custard's flavour. Seasonal fruits mixed with custard are a delectable combination. Fruit custard tastes amazing when served cold!




Halwa is basically a warm Indian pudding that can be made in various ways. You can make sooji halwa, besan ka halwa, almonds halwa, aate ka halwa etc in just 30 minutes. Having warm and delicious halwa after dinner soothes the soul. My favourite halwa is aate ka halwa as it is adequately sweet and very soft. Dry fruits in aate ka halwa are just like a cherry on the cake!




Kheer is not a sweet dish, it's an emotion! Kheer is something that is served on special and festive occasions. It is easy to make a recipe that cooks in 30-40 minutes. You can add rose flavour or elaichi and pista powder to enhance the flavour of kheer. After cooking the kheer, refrigerate it for 1 hour or till the time you are having dinner. Cold kheer in summer tastes like thick creamy ice cream. 



Mango Shake

Shakes after dinner might seem a little unusual but trust me, a mango shake after a full-blown dinner is a show stopper. Mango season is here and what's better than a tall glass of cold mango shake. If you are still hungry after dinner, try having a mango shake. It will instantly refresh you and fulfil all your sweet tooth cravings. 



Icecream with Brownie

Cold vanilla ice cream and brownie is a combination which is hard to resist. The sweet simple flavour of vanilla ice cream is balanced by the chocolaty flavour of brownies. Order in some brownies or you can make them. Microwave them until they are slightly warm. Place them on a plate and add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream to it. You will be instantly transported to a choco-vanilla land with every bite you take!