Desi Videshi: This Fusion Idli-Burger Breakfast Will Blow Your Mind
Image Credit: Anjana Patnaik/Facebook, This Idli burger brings the best of both worlds on your breakfast plate.

We know how it feels to wake up to that same boring breakfast each morning. Either it’s a bowl of porridge or a plate of omlette or something like that. Spicing things up and twisting and turning them is what life is all about. To break the mundane and monotonous series of everyday breakfast, this idli burger will surely work wonders. Mothers often complain of how their kids always want to have pizzas and burgers instead of clean, healthy, homemade food. While burger does fall into the junk food category, we doubt your mother won’t approve of this desi videshi combination. 

While the burger is a classic American treat, idlis are commonly eaten in southern parts of India. In fact, the fan fare of idli is such that it is loved by people across the globe too. For the unversed, idlis are light and fluffy rice cakes that are usually paired with a sweet coconut chutney and a tangy sambhar (lentil soup). They are easy to prepare and take very less time to steam. Today, you will find a plethora of versions of idli that were earlier not known. Take fried idli for instance. The leftover idli is diced into pieces and tossed in spices like mustard seeds, red chilli powder, turmeric as well as sautéed onions and tomatoes along with a spicy chutney. 

This time, we’ve devised an idli burger for breakfast. Wondering how this works? For idlis burgers, you need to begin by preparing the patty. Onions, potatoes and peas are mashed together in a pan full of butter after being sautéed. This mixture is then flattened into a round patty-like shape. The patty is coated in a batter of all-purpose flour and water. Then it is tossed in a pool of breadcrumbs which lends it the crunchy texture. Finally, these patties are deep-fried in oil. Once the patty is ready, you can begin assembling the burger. 

All you have to do now is replace the burgers buns with steamed and fried idlis. Take a fried idli and slather it with sauce. Place a cheese slice on it and then add the patty. Topple it with another round of cheese and sauce and finally, cover with another fried idli. Your idli burger is ready to be devoured for breakfast. 

Looking for a detailed recipe? Here’s the one we’ve fetched for you.