4 Desi-Style Pizzas That Rule Our Heart
Image Credit: Desi-Style Pizzas

Pizza is one such dish that brings a smile to my face. Usually, people eat pizza occasionally to treat their taste buds. But, unfortunately, it is counted in junk food, hence should be consumed in limited quantities. But there is also a truth about its excellent taste: no one can stop themselves from devouring it after watching. It is usually prepared with the help of vegetables on a pizza base. But if you are health conscious and want to calm your taste buds, you should try these desi pizza styles. You'll be surprised to know that they can be prepared at home in different ways. So, today we are telling you about some desi style pizzas, which you must try at least once.

Roti pizza

If your kids insist on eating pizza every other day, you must make this roti pizza for them. By using roti and vegetables, you will give both nutrition and taste to your children. For this:

  1. Heat the pan, apply butter on it, heat the rotis.
  2. Add pizza sauce, vegetables, and cheese, and let it cook until the cheese melts. 
  3. Your roti pizza is ready.

Pizza dosa

It serves a great fusion with a traditional South Indian dosa batter and pizza toppings. If you want to taste the healthy version of pizza, you must try this pizza dosa. To make this:

  1. Spread the dosa batter thinly on a hot griddle and fill it with pizza topping.
  2. Remember that Pizza Dosa tastes delicious only when it is hot.
  3. Make and serve it whenever you want to eat it.

Tawa pizza

This is your classic pizza, cooked in a distinct style. Tawa pizza needs low flame; one should never cook it on high or medium flame. Moreover, the pizza dough is prepared without yeast, baking powder, soda and still have the same effect. The topping is the traditional vegetable but can be expanded according to personal taste.

Bread pizza

This is a different version of the traditional pizza. It does not take much time to prepare despite having a diverse base. You can have this pizza anytime from breakfast to evening snacks as bread is used instead of a pizza base to make it. The topping and other methods remain the same; only this pizza is prepared on the griddle.

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