Desi Man Tries Wasabi For The First Time; His Reaction Is Priceless

We Indians love spices, there is no doubt about it. The vast array of spices placed in the racks of most Indian households testify to that fact. Most savoury dishes in Indian cuisine require an assortment of spices going into them to bring out the authentic flavours and that proves the subservience of Indian food to spices. Cumin, coriander, green chillies, red chilli powder and a variety of masalas amalgamate to make Indian food what it is. So, it is fair to say that the Indian palate is quite accustomed to spices and cannot be satisfied without them. 

But what if we test your spice tolerance with a specific ingredient? Will you be up for it? Well, if you have already made up your mind for the challenge, think again. A new video showing an Indian man tasting a Japanese ingredient to prove his spice tolerance will make you doubt you just agreed to. Take a look:

In a recent video uploaded on Instagram by Instagram user @therezakhan, a man is seen tasting the Japanese horseradish or wasabi and his reaction is priceless. The man is seen taking a bit of the wasabi paste into his mouth only to spit it out immediately. His son-in-law then makes the man challenge him to eat the entire portion for a hundred dollars. The young man eats the entire portion and his reaction proves how it tastes.  

The young man is seen drinking water and jumping out of his chair due to the spice level in wasabi. Most Indians have commented expressing how the video is too relatable to them. The video has gathered more than 350k views, 12k likes and hundreds of comments. Most Instagram users have commented showing their hatred towards wasabi. “Why does wasabi even exist”, “I remember getting a neuro shock after Tasting tiny bit of it. Good to wake up a dreamer ha ha (sic)”, read some of the responses. Meanwhile, many others commended the man for his bravery. One user commented, “Desi peeps can take all the spicyness”, while another said, “You've earned my respect.”

Would you like to take this challenge? Let us know.