Desi Lunch Special: This UP-Style Tehri Recipe Is Ideal For Meatless Tuesdays
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Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states of India, with a history that goes back thousands of years. Uttar Pradesh, as a region, is so wide and varied that it is often a task to understand its cuisine. From kababs, korma nihari to pure-veg aloo kachoris and chaat, the range of food here is overwhelming. Tehri is a veg rice dish, that is often confused for a pulao, but it is much zingier and flavourful than your standard pulao. Another key difference between Tehri and Pulao is the use of ‘Dum’ method. Tehri has its roots in Awadhi cuisine, and much like biryani Tehri is also prepared on ‘dum’, sans meat of course. To make traditional ‘Tehri’, the rice, veggies and spices are layered together in a big pot, the pot is covered and the edges are sealed with dough to prevent the passage of air. The steam created inside the pot cooks the rice, while infusing it with spices and aroma.  

This one-pot dish is ideal for days when you do not have time to make indulgent gravy dishes. All you need to do is pick fresh veggies of your choice like cauliflower, potato and carrots and chop them roughly. You can also take peas for added crunch and flavour. Make sure you wash them well.

For this easy Veg Tehri, you do not need an earthen pot, your simple pressure cooker works just as fine. Wash and soak your rice for at least 30 minutes. Opt for long grain basmati rice. Heat oil, fry onions, bay leaves and other whole spices. Add ginger-garlic paste, sautee for minute. Then add the powdered spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, jeera powder, coriander powder, salt. Sautee for another minute, make sure your spices do not burn. Fry on medium flame. Then add all veggies including tomatoes. Cook them for over two-three minutes. Then add the rice, fry for a while, do not over stir as that may break the rice. Close the lid, cook for a few minutes and you are done.

Serve hot with chutney or papad. Sounds like a cakewalk, doesn’t it? What are you waiting for? Try the recipe right away.