Delicious Soya Chaap Dishes You Must Try For Dinner
Image Credit: Achari chaap/ Instagram- rohitkapoor27

Soya chaap is a vegetarian delight. It gives a meaty texture to every dish it is added to. It has increasingly become a common treat. Made from soybean, soya chaap is a wonderful source of protein. Vegetarians around the world love it, because it’s a delicious alternative to overcooked paneer. Some non-vegetarians also enjoy the taste of soya chaap, which resembles meat. A sizzling plate of soya chaap never fails to impress foodies. It took some time for the dish to become well-known, but today you can find it at practically every restaurant and fast-food joint’s menu. Soya chaap is believed to have originated in South Asia and later gained popularity in Pakistan and India. It is primarily consumed in the northern region of India. Traditional preparation of this delicious dish calls for cooking soya on skewers in a clay oven after marinating in yoghurt and spices. 

Here are the recipes for 2 delicious soya chaap dishes that you can try for dinner-

Achari Chaap


1. 500 gms Soya chaap

2. Mustard oil for frying

3. 1/2 Ground ginger

4. 1/2 Ground garlic

5. 1 Ground onion

6. 1/2 tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder

7. Salt to taste

8. 1/2 tsp Cumin powder (jeera)

9. 1/2 tsp Coriander powder (dhania)

10. 1 tsp White vinegar

11. 1/2 tsp Garam masala powder

12. 1/2 tsp Kasoori methi (dry fenugreek leaves)

For marinade:

1. 1/2 tsp Salt

2. 1/2 tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder

3. 1 tsp Lemon juice


1. First, take the sticks out of the soya chaap and chop them into 1-inch pieces.

2. To make the marinade, add salt, lemon juice, and Kashmiri red chilli powder to soya. Mix thoroughly, then set aside for at least a half-hour.

3. Heat the mustard oil to its smoking level and then turn off the flame.

4. Heat the oil once more and deep fry the soya chunks.

5. In a little oil, add the coarsely crushed ginger and garlic. Cook them for a minute.

6. After that, add the onions and cook till they get golden in colour. 

7. Add the dry masalas, coriander and cumin powder. Mix well.

8. Next, add salt and red chilli powder. Cook it for a minute and then add some white vinegar. 

9. In the end, add the fried soya chunks and mix well. 

10. Give it a final touch by adding garam masala and kasuri methi. 

11. Serve hot.

Malai Chaap


1. 1/2 cup Yoghurt 

2. Fresh cream

3. 5-6 tbsp Oil

4. 3-4 tbsp Dry coconut

5. 5-6 Almonds 

6. 1 Onion

7. Coriander leaves

8. 2-3 Green chillies

9. Salt to taste

10. 1/2 tsp Black pepper

11. 1 tsp Lemon juice

12. 1/2 tsp Kasuri methi

13. 1 tsp Red chilli powder

14. 1/2 tsp Kitchen king masala

15. 300 gms Soya chaap


1. Remove the chaap from the sticks and slice them.

2. In a bowl, make the marinade by adding curd, salt, black pepper powder, and lemon juice. 

3. Mix the soya chunks with the marinade and refrigerate for 45 minutes.

4. Make a dry masala for the gravy before making the malai.

5. Ground almonds, kasuri methi and dry coconut together. 

6. In a pan, heat some oil and add chopped onions. 

7. Add the ground coconut masala after cooking the onions until they are light pink.

8. Cook it for two to three minutes over low heat, or until the coconut is aromatic and slightly browned.

9. Then, add the marinated soya chaap pieces and simmer everything, stirring constantly, for 3-4 minutes over low heat.

10. Add cream and mix well.

11. Now add red chilli powder, pepper powder, and kitchen king masala.

12. Mix everything thoroughly, add 1/4 cup water, and simmer for an additional 4-5 minutes.

13. Garnish it with some coriander leaves and serve hot.