Delicious Non-Vegetarian Pickles From Our Regional Cuisines
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The first reaction when someone talks about non-vegetarian pickles is of surprise. We have become so accustomed to eating pickles made from seasonal fruits and vegetables that we do not usually associate pickles with meats. However, there are many regions within India, that enjoy eating non-vegetarian pickles. Did you know that within the Andhra cuisine, chicken, prawn and mutton are pickled and eaten along with regular meals? The chicken pickle of Andhra cuisine is called as Kodi Chutney in Telugu. The shelf life of non-vegetarian pickles isn’t that bad. The Andhran chicken pickle can be kept in the fridge and consumed for up to 3 months. Ask a foodie hailing from Andhra Pradesh and s/he will tell you that an omelette, rice, curd and Kodi Pachadi is a popular comfort meal that’s relished by the Telugus. Similarly, North-East India is a treasure trove of delicious non-vegetarian pickles. From Nagaland to Assam, there’s a recipe for meat pickles of various kinds. Let’s check out some delectable non-vegetarian pickles from across India: 

1) Kerala Chicken Pickle 

Otherwise known as the Kozhi achaar, the Kerala Chicken Pickle is a delicious pickle made from mixing chicken with some desi spices. Vinegar and oil are added to the pickle to improve shelf life. The Kerala Chicken Pickle is relished along with parota, rice and curries. Spicy and savoury in taste, this pickle can be commonly found in every other household in the villages of Kerala. You can order this pickle online and opt for a boneless version. On a day when you’re not in the mood to cook up a feast, this Kerala Chicken Pickle will be a life saver, adding a lot of flavour to a plain parota or puri. 

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