If there’s a city that’s synonymous with good food, it’s Delhi. From sizzling kebabs to spicy golgappas, there’s nothing you won’t be able to find on the streets of Dil Waalon Ki Dilli. Momos, chowmein, pizza, kulfi - whatever it is that you love to eat, you’ll find it all in Delhi. Apart from the delicious food of Delhi, the people of this city are also known to extend great hospitality to their guests. This is why, whoever eats at any restaurant in Delhi once, becomes a fan of Delhi’s food. Delhi doesn’t only win your taste buds over, it wins your heart. 

Celebrities often come to Delhi and visit their favourite restaurants. From UPSC chaat to Dolma Aunty momos, everyone has their pick. The latest celebrity to fall for Delhi’s food has been Kangana Ranaut, who recently took to her Instagram to post a photo with her team enjoying a sumptuous lunch in Delhi. Kangana captioned the photo, “Delhi food is making our hearts laugh literally.” She was surrounded on a circular table by four of her team members. On the table lay kebabs, curries, salad and other Indian delicacies. Everyone looked like they were thoroughly enjoying Dilli Ka Khaana. 

Credit: Kangana Ranaut's Instagram.


Kangana visited Delhi to carry out recce for her upcoming movie ‘Emergency.’ Kangana’s social media has photos of her enjoying festive bites occasionally and the actress’s Instagram stories are often full of photos of food. Recently, Kangana also posted a series of Indian desserts and compared them to their foreign counterparts. Kangana posted a photo of gulab jamuns to her story and wrote that these soft, delicious berry-sized sweet balls are better than chocolates. She also asked her Instagram followers whether they agree with her or not and the majority voted in gulab jamun’s favour. 

Kangana doesn’t only enjoy eating good food, she’s all about cooking too. The actress previously posted photos from her cooking escapades to her Instagram story. Regional cuisines of India are Kangana’s favourite. In the past, Kangana has posted about many Himachali dishes as well. Kangana had uploaded an Instagram story featuring the Himachali delicacy Siddu. If you’re wondering what this dish is like, for the uninitiated, Siddu is a wheat-flour based snack which is usually enjoyed by the people of Kullu and Manali and can be found throughout the state of Himachal Pradesh. The stuffing of this delicacy, usually differs from place to place and can depend on your personal taste as well. Many people like to customise the filling of this dish according to their preferences. Since it is a yeast-based dish, Siddu takes time to be prepared and it can not be made in a jiffy. 

Credit: Instagram/pahadiaalus


This is certainly not the first time that Kangana has expressed love for Delhi’s food. Last year, while she was shooting for Tejas, the actress took to her social media to share photos of the scrumptious food she had in Delhi including Kheer, Gulab Jamun, and Kulfi. In yet another tweet, the actress wrote,"Reached Delhi for #Tejas shoot...early morning shift tom, lots of work in coming days but definitely looking forward to some street food as well." It looks like Kangana’s favourite city to indulge in food is surely Delhi.