Delhi Vendor’s ‘Butteriest Pav Bhaji’ Is Making The Rounds On The Internet
Image Credit: Source: Freepik

When we think of Maharashtrian food, we think of all things soft, spongy and delicious. Basically, we think about all things made of pav. The soft, buttery and light bread has made its presence common in most Maharashtrian delicacies. Upon discussing the same topic with one of my Marathi friends, she said, “Mi majhya divasachi suruwat pavsivay karu sakat nahi (“I can’t start my day without pav”). And that surely gave me a clear picture of her love for pav. From the OG vada pav to the tantalising dabeli, pav dishes are surely one of the best culinary gems of the Maharashtrian cuisine that we can’t get enough of.

If you ask me, I would definitely say that pav bhaji is my favourite pav delicacy. I mean who can resist digging into a plate full of buttery pavs, delicious potato gravy along with some onion rings and a wedge of lemon on the side? Well, I can’t. And the best part about the whole plate is the dollop of butter over the bhaji and pavs that slowly melts and satisfies our palates like no other. But I often go speechless when my friends ask me, “How much butter is too much butter for you?” But I think I have got my answer with a recent viral video. The video shows Delhi’s ‘butteriest pav bhaji’ and the netizens are surely drooling.

As you can see in this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @eatthisagra, the street vendor is adding butter at every stage of the pav bhaji-making process. The bhaji is made with heaps of butter and is bright red in colour and looks irresistibly delicious. Served with two soft and buttery pavs, the pav bhaji platter is surely worth trying. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered around 1 million views, 68k likes and hundreds of comments. Take a look at the comments

“No regrets if I die after eating this 😌✨”

“Sukun wala khana hai 😍”

“Super-duper tempting ❤️❤️”

Are you excited enough to try this? If so, head to Fingerlickerz, Dwarka Sector 12, Delhi.