Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express: First Train To Go All-Veg
Image Credit: Vande Bharat's Katra route is going all-veg this year

While travelling on foot was one of the earliest modes of transport, it was during the British era that the foundation for railways was laid down. And ever since, rail road has become one of the most common ways of commuting across India. Given the affordability of trains for all classes of society, people enjoy train journeys with scenic views and good food. One such relatively new train service is Vande Bharat.

Launched in the year 2019, the semi high-speed train of India’s latest route is said to ease travel between New Delhi and Katra in Jammu and Kashmir. One thing that is an essential feature of any train is its food. The food served on the train has its own uniqueness. To add to that, reports suggest the Vande Bharat Delhi-Katra Express will have a purely vegetarian menu. This will make it the first Indian train to go all veg.

The meals on wheels vary in Indian trains, offering a wide range of options. From basic tea and biscuits for morning to eggs and cutlets for breakfast, the lunch and dinner thalis too have veg and non-veg options generally. However, this new train is set to serve pure vegetarian food to its passengers. Not just the food offered to travellers, even the kitchen and pantry is said to be kept purely vegetarian. Due to this move, the Vande Bharata train may also be accorded the Sattvik Certificate, which will make it a one-of-a-kind service.

Scrumptious meals without any eggs or meat will be freshly-prepared in the pantry and served to customers. According to a report by the Times of India, more trains will follow suit in future and the initial plan is to extend it to as many as 18 trains.