Head To These Food Joints In Delhi For A Sumptuous Bite Of Samosas
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Do you look for a samosa in any food joint if you want a quick, affordable bite? Well, I have also survived on samosa as it was my staple diet during my college days. Later, my evenings with colleagues were incomplete without crispy samosas and tapri wali chai. The best samosas come in various shapes, sizes and flavours, but the question is where to get them from? So, today we'll tell you about five samosa corners of Delhi that won't disappoint you.

Kumar Samose Wala

Can anyone get bored of samosas? Some people always try something new, and they want unique samosas varieties. You must have eaten regular aloo samosas, but have you ever tried paneer samosas, tandoori samosas, chowmein or cheese samosas? About 25 samosas are available at Kumar Samose Wala, located in Moti Nagar. So why the wait? Let's enjoy some samosas with hot tea.

Location: Moti Nagar

Mini Bengali Samosas

You must have heard about Delhi's Chittaranjan Park, the national capital’s mini Bengal. If you want to eat authentic Bengali samosas, this place is perfect. Do you know why? Because they are made with aloo gobi instead of regular potatoes. You may move to any other city area, but you will indeed not find these mini Bengali samosas anywhere else. 

Location: Chittaranjan Park

Janta Sweets

What would the dal samosas look like? Can samosas be made of moong dal? Of course, this is the speciality of Janta Sweets, located in Paharganj. This place serves kachori-style samosas made with moong dal filling, potato curry and green chutney. This sweet shop is also famous for its namakpare and malpuas.

Location: Paharganj

BM Snacks Corner

You can enjoy delicious delicacies in the Bengali Market near Mandi House. But if you want to eat samosas with tea or coffee, nothing can be better than BM Snacks Corner. Potato curry sabzi enhances the taste of these samosas.

Location: Mandi House

Duggal Snacks

Are you around Mayur Vihar? If yes, it’s time to taste some delicious samosas at this Phase 2 snack corner. Duggal Snacks is quite well-known in the locality as their crunchy samosas are made with unique spicy stuffing. This place is ideal for jugalbandi of delicious samosas and tea made with perfection.

Location: Mayur Vihar

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