Delhi Couple Selling Rajma-Chawal After Losing Job Amid Pandemic Inspires Netizens
Image Credit: Image: YouTube @Dilsefoodie Official

The pandemic has been hard on most of us. It has not just caused a shift in the way we live and function, but has also affected several industries, which eventually led to job losses across the world. There have been many news reports and accounts of so many people who lost their jobs amid Covid-19 having to start afresh. This is when many people actually fought back, giving us many inspiring stories. They made the most of what they had despite their circumstances. One such story is that of Amrita and Karan, a Delhi-based couple, who faced a similar situation after the pandemic.

When Karan lost his government job amid the pandemic, he had no option but to vacate his housing quarter. He and his wife Amrita stayed in their family car for two months. Yes, you read that right. Some time later, the couple decided to start a new business - selling home-cooked food. From drool-worthy Rajma-Chawal to Kadi-Pakoda and Chole, their food stall, named ‘Amrita Ji Ke Rajma Chawal’, sells scrumptious food at nominal rates. It operates entirely from their car. Filled with stainless steel vessels in its trunk, the car is stationed at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi from 12.30 pm to 4 pm or until their stock lasts.

 The couple serve hot, home-cooked food to customers every day except on Sundays. There are multiple options - such as Chole-Chawal, Rajma-Chawal, Kadhi-Chawal - available at their eatery. Boondi raita, salad and green chutney complement the meals. While a half plate costs ₹30, a full plate is priced at ₹50. Isn’t that a great deal? 

The couple’s story went viral on the internet when popular food blogger Karan Dua, also known as Dil Se Foodie, shared a video of them on his YouTube channel. The video has already raked in about 323,539 views and thousands of likes and comments along with support for the couple. Take a look:

Although the video was shared in 2020, it has gotten attention yet again. The Delhi couple's inspirational story has inspired many online.

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