Ice Cream Day 2022: Tried These Quirky Ice Cream Flavours?
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Ice cream.

There’s nothing better than a teeth-numbing scoop of your favourite ice cream to beat the heat, this summer. Delhiites, if you’re in search of unique flavours of ice creams to try in your city, you’re in luck. Here’s a guide to some out-of-the box ice cream flavours that are sure to deliver a punch of surprise with every bite you take. 

24 Karat Gold Swirl Ice Cream  

If you’re tired of choosing the basic flavours of ice cream and are in the mood to experiment with something different, you should try the 24 Karat Gold Swirl Ice Cream at Crème Borne. A sight to behold, this ice cream flavour is made from gold plated black charcoal ice cream and serves for an Instagram-worthy moment when handed over. The thin gold plating around the ice cream doesn’t have a distinct taste but has a huge visual appeal. You can grab a scoop of this ice cream from an outlet of Crème Borne in Connaught Place, Delhi. 

Delhi 6 Special Ice Cream  

How about an ice cream flavour inspired by your go-to street food? The Delhi 6 special ice cream by Cold Love Ice Cream is a modern twist on the classic Dahi Chaat. If you aren’t shy about trying new flavours of ice cream with a twist, this might just become your favourite flavour. This ice cream is made from layered sorbets of tamarind chutney, mint chutney and raita ice cream and is topped with crispy boondi. If you enjoy such bursts of flavours, buy your scoop of this flavour from Cold Love Ice Cream in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. 

Sweet Fig And Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream 

Don’t be taken aback by the name of this ice cream for it has become a favourite of foodies, within a few months of its launch. The Sweet Fig and Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream combines the sweet taste of figs and the tangy flavour of Italian balsamic vinegar to make a flavourful scoop. The plus point of trying this ice cream out is that its takers will enjoy the sustainable packaging that this dessert comes in. If you’re tempted to try this flavour, visit the Meharchand Market outlet of Jaatre Ice Cream.

Pink Paan Mochi Ice Cream  

If you like to click photos of your dessert before you consume them, this ice cream flavour should be your pick. The Pink Paan Mochi Ice Cream by Yum Yum Cha is a Mochi ice cream that’s made from Japanese Mochi and an ice cream filling. The Japanese Mochi is a type of sweet rice flour which is pounded into a soft and chewy texture. If you’re in the mood to satiate your sweet cravings with this flavour, head to any outlet of Yum Yum Cha across Delhi NCR.

Pani Puri Patakha Ice Cream  

Saving the most unique flavour for the last, get ready to try the Pani Puri Patakha Ice Cream by Apsara Ice Creams. Describing the flavour as ‘chatpata’, food bloggers have been making reels, featuring this flavour of ice cream. This ice cream has many ingredients of chaat fused in the core ice cream which is then topped with a gol gappa, for the final look. Chaat masala is then sprinkled all over the golgappa and the ice cream is ready to be relished. If this flavour of ice cream excites you, order it from an Apsara Ice Creams outlet in Rajouri Garden, Delhi.