5 Moisture-Rich Foods To Hydrate Yourself This Monsoon

The monsoon season might be the season of many things, including the spread of infections, but it is also the season of amplified humidity. Due to our surrounding environment cooling down considerably, we often tend to miss hydrating ourselves on a regular basis, since the urge to drink water is reduced greatly. However, the possibility of dehydration happening is much higher due to the humid temperatures that make us sweat, causing us to feel uneasy and exhausted easily. Hence, including moisture-rich foods in your diet also helps to compensate for the water levels in your body and replenish it with nutrients.

Bottle Gourd

Including a glass of bottle gourd juice in the mornings or having bottle gourd in some form for lunch or dinner, helps in rehydrating the system as well as providing the body with its necessary fibre intake. Along with keeping the digestive tract healthy, the fibrous bottle gourd is easily absorbed into the body as well as flush out toxins due to its antioxidant properties.


The astringent fruit is extremely beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels in-check. Consuming jamun is useful to aid with stomach problems that typically occur during the monsoon season along with increasing blood circulation and improving kidney function. Jamun is also rich in iron, which helps in strengthening the immune system against common bacterial infections.

Gut Friendly Drinks During Monsoon


It is a known fact that cucumbers contain a high percentage of water and are great to consume during the summer season. In fact, cucumbers are also great to eat along with meals, or include in smoothies, during the monsoon season to maintain hydration levels as well as cool down the body, if it is acidic (pitta). It is also rich in essential minerals such as manganese, potassium and vitamins B, C and K.


This monsoon fruit has many delicious culinary applications and must be made the most of, during the season for good immunity as well as proper hydration. The moisture content in plums help hydrate the body and soften the stool, thereby easing constipation and other stomach-related challenges. Plums are also rich in copper and potassium, making it a great option to enjoy in desserts, smoothies or simply cut and added to a fruit bowl.

Skimmed Milk

Instead of drinking whole milk which might be heavy to digest during the monsoon season, consuming skimmed milk wherever there is a need for dairy, also helps in keeping up the body’s hydration. Since the percentage of water is much higher than that of fat in skimmed milk, it is also great to use in a variety of drinks that require milk as an ingredient.