Defy Cravings With 7 Late Night Salads To Try
Image Credit: Pexels

Summer fruits and vegetables are a treat, and summer is almost here. Summer's abundance, from crisp corn on the cob to juicy strawberries, is best enjoyed during this season. And it sure would be a better way to utilise summer produce.

This is the perfect time to break out the bowls and get creative in the kitchen because of all the excellent seasonal food that is available in the supermarkets. 

This is ideal if you recently went grocery shopping and indulged in some extra fruit and vegetable purchases. How about preparing a bowl of mixed fruits and veggies for use at night? It's the ideal way to satisfy your appetites. 

These various salad bowls are sure to inspire you! Continue reading. 

7 Nutritious and Satisfying Salad Bowls to Try 

1. Rice And Bean Salad

This is a rice salad; the temperature is the primary distinction between this rice and the rice you eat with ulam. After allowing the rice to cool, combine it with all the other ingredients, including the beans, and mix in the dressing. When you eat this salad, you get not just the texture of the rice but also the beans. Additionally, you can sneak in some healthy vegetables.

2. Roasted Caesar Salad 

This is the salad to make if you want to eat something that looks like a salad. This isn't your typical Caesar salad, either. This is the roasted variation, in which wilted lettuce leaves—yes, lettuce—are cooked through on the grill or in some other way. Because romaine lettuce is heartier than other lettuces and can tolerate some heat, this is made possible. That heat brings with it a deliciously scorched flavour. Once you try this salad dish, you'll question how you ever ate a classic Caesar salad! Would you like this dish to have more extraordinary heartiness? Serve with grilled chicken or poached egg on top. 

3. Pinoy Nacho Salad 

For this version, use nacho corn chips rather than taco cups, and instead of the typical taco toppings, top it with slices of marinated pork inasal and chunks of kesong puti. It is also the best way to mix up chips and still not feel guilty about eating at midnight. The balance in the salad is perfect to make it up as a craving snack salad. 

4. Chicken Noodle Salad 

Sotanghon tastes excellent, both hot and cold. That's why using natural noodles is the way to go for this salad recipe! This recipe is a lighter take on Asian chicken noodle soup without sacrificing flavour—it's not a spicy bowl of soup to slurp. Swirl that fork around these sesame-dressed noodles instead, and you could find yourself enjoying a warm-to-cold noodle salad. 

5. Pinoy Vegetable Salad 

This season you are fortunate to have access to excellent, genuinely fresh vegetables. Let's celebrate this abundance with a locally sourced, simply prepared veggie salad. To make it appear and taste completely local, you can also top it with salted egg and use bagoong (fermented prawn paste) salad dressing.


6. Roasted Squash Salad 

Who said greens were a must in salads? There are no leafy greens at all in this hearty salad! Instead, the main ingredients of this salad are large pieces of kalabasa and beets. This roasted salad goes perfectly with a chilled yoghurt-based dressing. Serve with more on the side and drizzled over the top. 

7. Fiambre 

A traditional Guatemalan cuisine called a joyful feast is prepared and consumed annually to commemorate the Day of Death. Up to 50 items can be used to make this cold salad, which includes chicken, cold cuts, pickled baby corn, spicy peppers, onions, beets, and pacaya flowers. Try this out today!

When it comes to eating healthily, salads are the finest option. However, just because they are full of healthful components doesn't mean they can't be delicious. Actually, if you can prepare tasty salads, your appetites will be satisfied.