Debina Bonnerjee’s Christmas Stall Loaded With Healthy Desserts
Image Credit: Debina Bonnerjee/Instagram

Christmas is all about bringing people together and celebrating with plenty of good food, while also being in good spirits. Not one to back down from the memo, TV actress Debina Bonnerjee delivered a spread that was nothing short of festive, at a community event organised by her place of residence. Along with other participating members, Debina occupied a stall that had some amazing yet healthy food options for guilt-free indulging. From vegetable biryani to pasta in red and white sauces, she also had a chocolate fountain that had kids making a beeline for strawberry dipping.

Dressed in a red outfit, Debina and her husband, Gurmeet Choudhary, were accompanied by their daughter Lianna at the stall, to cheer her on. Debina also presented a host of healthy desserts like a keto-friendly strawberry cheesecake topped off with freshly slices strawberries, milk and white chocolate truffles, chocolate cake and even pudding cups that everyone, including actress Shama Sikander dug into gleefully. The tiny little stall was thematically decorated to look synchronised with the holiday season, as everyone appeared to be happy and cheerful at the community gathering.

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Debina also snuck in a few bites of the biryani with more friends who dropped by, and posed for photographs by the fully decorated Christmas tree. Given the sheer variety of treats that decked up the table at her stall, children lapped up the sweet treats joyfully, as they made the most of the holiday season. She also shared a picture of her stall with pride, as well as one of those manning the neighbouring one. All in all, this friendly and festive effort to make merry and add some cheer was a successful one! Tell us what your favourite food memories of Christmas are, in the comments.